Box Form- outgrowing this universe

Thursday kung fu. No SK tonight, so CN taught the class. We did a few rounds of the build-a-form game. For the final round, we had to use techniques from each of the five animal styles in a specific order. That was more challenging, but it also got us out of the ruts we are already beginning to develop wherein each of us tends to gravitate back to the same handful of techniques.

Then some Three Step Arrow- I had requested that we work on this, as it was one of the things I had the most trouble with when I went over all my forms last weekend. So we went over that portion of the form that we know, and explored a few apps. I continue to find Southern Mantis "clicking" better with me than Northern Mantis. They are very, very different. I wish we would do more Southern Mantis.

Individual forms… I worked on the ones that I had struggled most with last weekend: Three Step Arrow, Box Form, and Snake Versus Five Animals. Box Form continues to be amazing even if I don’t get the physical technicality quite right. It is unbelievably Dragony, and so powerful that it seems like it’s trying to build to some kind of cosmic crescendo. It feels as if I keep doing it, it is going to rip a hole right in the fabric of reality and suck me and all the classroom desks into another dimension.

It’s interesting to see such a glaring example of how there’s much more to a form than having every finger in the right spot. Energy work I can do- and do well. But it’s either "on" or it’s not, and I have limited ability to flip the switch. I would like to develop the skill into a more consistent summon-at-will thing.

After Box Form, I did a couple reps of Touch Bridge, hoping to leak a little of that great Dragony energy into that form- it seemed to work a bit.

I was noticing in particular tonight that when anybody asks a question in class, JM often jumps in to answer it before the teacher can open his mouth to do so. So it’s not just me she’s doing it to. I wonder why she does that. Her kung fu looks incredible, but I wonder if she is feeling insecure as well- and it’s just manifesting in the complete opposite fashion as my own insecurity.


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