Memorial Day open mat

I was a little annoyed that SK and JM did not show up, especially after Cindy and I went to the extra effort to get them invited. I also don’t really like to drive all the way into Seattle for an open mat if I don’t know that there’s going to be anyone there who is even vaguely appropriate for me to spar with. I don’t want to drive all the way in there and have it be just me and two 400-lb white belts.

Luckily, it was a decent turnout and there were about fifteen people there. I rolled the entire 2 hours, with short breaks between people. Fred, Elliot, Dan, and some guy whose name I can’t recall. Elliot and Dan spanked me. Elliot’s a little too big and strong for me to be rolling with, but there wasn’t anyone else free at the time, so I went for it… he was fairly careful, so it was okay. I was reasonably competitive with Fred. He got one sub on me (armbar) but let go before I tapped. "Why didn’t you finish it?" "I was being nice." "It doesn’t COUNT unless you finish it!" "Yes ma’am." Razz The other guy- he got one tap on me and I got one tap on him.

I don’t often get a chance to free roll without being completely exhausted first by a regular class. I had imagined that if I got a chance to roll fresh, I’d be a lot more energetic and would perform markedly better. I was dismayed to find that after the first couple of rolls, I felt just as tired as ever!

Anyway, good practice.

I also did a three-mile walk yesterday that I probably should have mentioned as part of "training", even though it was me walking from the mechanic (where I left my stalled car) to the Aero Rent-a-car place.

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