Forms session

Today I went to the (non-MA) gym to work on forms.

Started with 2 reps of Hurricane Hands, then continued on through all of my forms (just the Shaolin ones). The ones I can do off both sides, I did off both sides. I did 2-4 reps of the ones that didn’t come out real nice the first time. I had a few little memory-blanks in Silken Needle, the fragment of White Crane Walking the Path, and Sil Lum Tao. BIG memory-blanks with Snake Versus Five Animals… I repped it till I had it clean again… the fragment of Three Step Arrow (I am gong to have to ask to go over that in class), and Box Form (again!) It was definitely time to review. All the Mirror forms were pretty good, though. Bung Bo Kuen seemed as adequate as anything else, which was pleasing. Box Form (the part that I remembered) seemed very powerful and Dragony. Knees hurt again. I would have liked to practice some more, but it was a productive session.

My gym has a new personal trainer- he is offering a free hour of personal training to all members; I may have to take advantage of that!

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