Conditioning Boot Camp- the return of the butterfly kicks

CN’s Conditioning Boot Camp.

SK whimped out today because there’s a capoiera class he wants to do tomorrow at the Folklife Festival, so he doesn’t want to overextend himself.

Not much to say, it was the usual stuff and a few new exercises. It was wet and raining, so he didn’t make us roll around on the ground too much today. He made us do butterfly kick line drills and whirlwind kick line drills. We also did the interval-sparring against trees… shadow-box the tree (any techniques) as hard as you can for two minutes, the thirty seconds rest, rinse and repeat several times. I like this exercise because the rapid shadow-boxing seems to be helping my flow from technique to technique.

CN commented that my conditioning is looking improved. I thanked him and mentioned that I was not at my best today, kind of tired. He said that he wouldn’t have known. Good- I try to never let my opponent see when I am tired.

He asked me how I am feeling about Tuesday- meaning my scheduled form performance- and I said, "Suicidal." He asked if it was just stage fright or what, and I told him stage fright plus the fact that I’ve been having a terrible slump since January. He commented that we all have trining slumps, and that it’s good to face the fear of performing in front of others.

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