“Gimme your lunch money”

Thursday Kung Fu basics.

After striking drills, SK asked us what we wanted to work on…. JB suggested general self-defense practice.

We paired off and one person did a single-step attack while the other defended and countered- no agenda, just winging it. Then we switched around so that everyone got a chance to attack everyone else.

I was mostly throwing straight punches to the head, haymakers, underhand gut punches, and overhand "smashing" blows, because I feel like practicing defending against that sort of thing is probably more practical than practicing defending against a crescent kick to the head or double leopard-fists to the ribs.

I noticed that when it was my turn to defend, my first reactions to most attacks consisted of a parry or evasion followed by grabbing ahold of the person and kicking hir. Mostly front and side thrust kicks (belly, groin, knee), but also roundhouses to the belly or kidney, and I also did a little foot-stomping. I did a crescent kick to JB’s face once, and my foot actually brushed her nose. I liked the way my parry-seize-kick sequences were flowing with a Dragon-like continuation of energy. I also got a couple of compliments from different opponents on my targeting- which I am repeatedly told is precise and accurate to a surreal level.

SK noted that several of my defenses were setting up nicely for joint locks. Unfortunately, joint locks are not yet instinctual for me… I hope to someday progress to the point where I feel comfortable whipping out a wider variety of techniques under pressure.

Then Monkey In the Middle. I very much enjoy surprising my classmates by diverting from the standard menu of basic attacks that I know they are expecting. I surreptitiously got my yellow rubber gun out, stuck it in the small of JoE’s back and demanded that he give me his money. It took him by surprise, and after he turned around to look, I had plenty of time to "shoot" him while he was having that "Oh-sh1t" moment. ("Gun defense drills next week," commented SK… Rolling Eyes ) The others responded a bit better when it was their turns, because I had lost the element of surprise with the gun. I did surprise JM by tapping her on the shoulder, and then when she opened her eyes, I was swinging a stick hard at her head like a baseball bat. We had done a little stick/club/etc defense this last month, so she did better than JoE had done with the gun… she got out of the way with admirable speed, but she was slow with the counter.

I did fairly well tonight as the Monkey, even though I didn’t have my contacts in and was fighting half blind.

During individual forms time, I had SK look at Hurricane Hands. He had a couple of minor corrections, but mostly wants me to focus on flow and on relaxing. He also wanted to add a more advanced refinement…. I was like, "Noooooooooo, I think I’m going to have to perform this damn thing in front of the whole class in five days…." But it was so cool that I want to try to incorporate it in. It’s an extra couple of kicks to break down the opponent’s stance before one of the throws. It makes the throw seem more plausible as well.

I did have an embarrassing moment when I started the first run-through of Hurricane Hands while SK watched- HH has the same opening salute as Leopard Fist, and since I’ve been working on Leopard Fist In the Mirror, I started to do the opening salute off the opposite side. Embarassed

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