Tap… tap….tap

Monday BJJ Two-fer!

Basic guard break to side control

Ducking to the side to escape a jab, then closing for takedown

Escape from the half-guard

In the am, we also did two extra complicated (but really cool) techniques out of the same half-guard escape, involving diving over the person and then flipping them over. Opponent ends up in an exceedingly unpleasant position, face-planted on the mat with legs knotted up and the lower back twisted. It’s a move that you could DEFINITELY break somebody’s back with if you did it really hard and fast. Poor Kevin was Rodrigo’s demo dummy, and there were some interesting facial contortions… even a few involuntary gasps and grunts. I could tell it hurt- Kevin is not a one to gasp and grunt in front of the whole class unless it hurts BAD. I was drilling with Bryan this morning, and I was quite relieved that I was. I would have been really scared to let some big stupid white belt try a move like that on me.

Speaking of Bryan- he got a stripe on his purple belt! And Bree got a stripe, and Jim got a stripe, and Angus got his blue.

After drills, I did some positional sparring with John, which was good, since I haven’t worked with him in a while. I seemed to do a little better against him today than I usually do. Usually he spanks me pretty easily.

Then we watched Rodrigo school some Spazzy White Belts. He was trying to explain to them that they didn’t have to struggle like crazy and waste a ton of energy, especially when it was fruitless struggle. He rolled with one of the spazzy whites, and just perched on top of him in a pose of serenity. The guy fought so hard, sweating, red-faced, flailing and grunting. Rodrigo just moved around in a lazy, relaxed fashion… not grasping the guy, not trying to sub him, just casually and
easily changing position in response to the student’s motions and constantly staying on top. I don’t think he ever even broke a sweat. It was pretty impressive. Then he said to all of us who were watching, "That’s all you have to do."

Then I asked Nic for a roll, and we got so into it that we closed down the place. I was doing *fantastic*, if I do say so myself. Nic was consciously avoiding using any strength- after the demo we’d just been treated to- so it was just technique versus technique… and dayum, I guess I really *DO* have a little technique after all. I stayed on top of him almost the whole time… when I did lose the top, I recovered it pretty quickly. I got full mount repeatedly. It got so easy that I started experimenting with my rather limited submission repertoire. I tapped the guy three times. Mr. Green thumbsup

I kept trying to get a keylock, and that was the one place he was muscling a little, keeping me from getting it fully set up. So once when I *almost* had it, I tried the "alternate ending" armlock where you plant your elbow on the mat and rotate the opponent’s straightened arm. We weren’t quite in the position that had been used for the lesson, but I changed my angle and tried to make it work anyway- and to my delighted surprise, it did. He swore and tapped, and then asked me what the heck that was, and I said I was just experimenting.

He stuck an arm way out, and I cross-grabbed the sleeve cuff and hiked both of my ankles over the back of his neck for a tap. It took me a few tries… and again, it was a bit sloppy and not exactly as I’d been taught- but it worked. Serves him right for leaving his arm stuck way out there; after a couple of aborted attemps, he should have realized what I was going for, and tucked his elbows in to defend.

The other tapout was a gi choke from behind- my right hand on his left lapel pulling it to the right, my left hand on his right lapel pulling it down.

So not only three taps- I got three DIFFERENT subs. Forgive me for bragging… I don’t often do this well, and I’m really excited about it. mosh I hope Rodrigo saw at least some of it.

In the pm class, we didn’t do the complicated variations- just the three basic moves, and then the "Faster, faster!" drill-till-ya-puke treatment. It was warm up there again tonight. We were supposed to have the whole crew there, but JB had a migraine and had to bail. I drilled with JM. The second hour, Rodrigo ejected everyone under two stripes (maybe he was saving the more difficult variations for that group), so I went ahead and took off with my no-stripe-white carpool buddies.

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