Friday face-plant

Cindy’s Friday night no-gi BJJ. JB, JM and I walked in, and Cindy yelled, "Where’s the other one?!" Razz He was still in the changing room.

Transitioning from guard to taking the back, while wrapping the opponent’s arm around her own neck and trapping it there. Once on her back, you underhook the arms, grab the wrists and make her do a face plant. JB, JM and I had to drill in a trio. I told them to be very careful with the face plant. Cindy had once done that same face plant- HARD- to me as part of a class demo, and she didn’t tell me it was coming… it was very very unpleasant! surrender

Then we added on another piece that involved flipping the opponent over and getting an armbar. This part was really complicated. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to pull this off in real life. It was cool, though.

Then positional sparring- JM and then SK. JM and JB both got a chance to work with Cindy. Some free sparring with JB, then with Anthony. Anthony dominated me positionally much of the time, but I didn’t let him get any subs. I did get on top a few times, and one really good reversal- that’s great for me, especially as he has size/strength/rank on me. I *almost* got a triangle on him. That’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to finishing a triangle in live sparring. Improving my triangle skills is a goal for this year. I also want to learn more no-gi chokes. I hope that the extra no-gi classes I’ve been making since my Shaolin buds signed up are going to result in improvement in my no-gi skills.

JM continues to get better at a scary pace. Of course she executed the complex flip-over drill pretty well. While we were rolling, she dug her shoulder into my throat very effectively… granted, I taught her that, but she has taken that skill and really run with it. She also put her knee on my belly and leaned there to lever one of my grips off. It was a bit of a weight-exploiting move (as I told her), but still quite effective, and she did it well.

SK’s a little frustrated that 1)he can’t make the drill techniques work in live sparring, and 2)he doesn’t feel like he’s improving. I assured him that this is a very typical experience in the first few months. I hope he doesn’t get really discouraged. He really is getting better. But he’s definitely not used to getting his butt kicked on such a consistent basis…. he’s accustomed to being the one doing the kicking!

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