Can you repeat that?

I missed half of BJJ class tonight because I was trapped in gridlock on 520 for an hour and a half. I got there in time to watch the last drill, and then jumped in for the positional sparring.

I did positional sparring with JM and then SK…. JM is almost equal level with me at this point… SK not there yet; but as he gets a chance to work with some other people and do more technique drills, he will get much better quickly.

Then sparring with Jim and then Adrian- both blue belts quite a bit bigger than me. Both of them were being nice about not using their weight. I was on top almost all of the time, but wasn’t able to finish any subs. Adrian and I were fighting back and forth for the same underhook repeatedly- we’d struggle for it, he’d get it, I’d take it back, and so on, over and over till it started to get rather comical. I think I was doing fairly well with the positioning, though. Jim made some comment after one of the rolls which contained the sound byte: "…..but your technique was so good that I…." and I confess I don’t remember what else was said, because my brain was stuck on replay.

JM finally got a chance to roll a little with Cindy… I didn’t get a chance to watch, nor to talk to her before she left, but I can’t wait to hear how that went.

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