Is that a heel hook?

JB and I went to Cindy’s Friday night no-gi.

It was hotter than Hades up in the mat loft tonight…. the warmup almost killed us both, but we pushed through it and got to the first drill- triangle! I was happy because I haven’t taught triangles to my BJJ 101 students- my triangles are still pretty crappy, and I had been sticking to teaching stuff that I felt really confident about. So I was glad to see JB learn triangles. She’ll like them better in gi, where she gets a sleeve to yank.

Then we did a variation of the armbar from guard that we’ve been doing in gi class this week. The cross-arm grips for no-gi were weird and tricky- until I realized that with very little adjustment, they were almost identical to a common pull-apart motion in Mantis. I looked at JB and grinned and mimed the relevant Mantis hooks- she looked startled and then laughed silently back. It’s nice to know that I really *have* ingrained some Mantis.

Then a little pass-guard-vs-sweep-or-submit, then some free sparring. Cindy let JB free spar with me, then she rolled with JB herself. JB was excited to get to spar. Unfortunately, almost half the classes she’s been to so far have been no-gi- for which we currently get no attendance credit. crazy So she will have to wait a few extra classes to get her first stripe and be able to participate more fully.

Besides Cindy and JB, I also got to roll with Ron and Andrew. I started to get some kind of weird leg lock on Andrew… didn’t know what I was doing, just experimenting. He said, "Is that a heel hook?" I said, "Heck if I know, is that what it is?" I had Cindy show me one once, just so that I would know what NOT to do, but this was set up differently- so if it was really a heel hook, I didn’t recognize it. Luckily I was going slow and careful.


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