Dragon throws

I didn’t blog last night because I was TOO TIRED. faint

Tuesday night kung fu. I spent the time before class began working on Leopard Fist in the Mirror. We worked outside today- the weather is starting to get nice enough to move back out there again.

We worked on Bung Bo Kuen- filling in some of the holes in the form for those people who only know random chunks. JB wasn’t there… she is going to *$%^ a brick when she finds out. She has been dying to learn the rest of Bung Bo, and CN has been stalemating her on it for months.

After that, we worked on Little Red Dragon- a few more moves for the people who don’t know the whole form. Then we practiced the whirlwind kick from the form- off both sides, lots of reps. Then some apps for the newest pieces of the form- two cool Dragon throws. Like Tiger, almost every move in Dragon can be a throw! I enjoyed this a lot- I like Dragon. Cool One of these throws involved catching a leg- and I noticed that with a slight tweak, it could be turned into a heel hook.

Tonight- BJJ in Bellevue with Cindy. We did the same techniques from Monday night. It was SK’s turn to drill with me, but I knew that he had been a little frustrated with the armbar when he was drilling with JB and her short arms… and I wasn’t going to be any better in that respect. So I suggested he work with someone with longer arms. I wanted him to grab one of the guys- but when people started pairing off, he went with JM. Well, her arms are a *bit* longer than mine…. but I want him to get a chance to work with people closer to his own size. And I also don’t want JM working with him too much, because I don’t think that is constructive for her. Also, part of the reason I brought them here is so that they could get experience with different training partners. Next time I will be more assertive, and try to pair them both up with some good people near their own size.

I wound up working with Leah. She left after drills, so when the positional training came up, I got paired with Cindy! Cindy smashed me. I bailed on open mat, because I was really really tired.


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