regular burpees- too tame

CN’s Saturday boot camp at the park. I went straight from work. Man, am I ever tired. I’m not just burning the candle at both ends; I’ve chopped it up into a lot of pieces and am burning all the little sections at both ends. At some point here I’m going to have to take a class off and get some errands/chores/etc done.

Anyway- pushups, planks, butterfly kicks, burpees with back rolls in them (as if regular burpees aren’t bad enough), and assorted likewise tortures.

Cartwheels. Those I can do. Both sides, one-handed, roundoffs. I was a gymnast as a kid. Others are having trouble with them. The others were also impressed to discover that I can walk on my hands.

JM and SK were telling CN all about last night’s BJJ class. They seem really hyped about it. Smile


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