Not my boyfriend’s sweatshirt.

Today I rocked my black Gracie Barra hoodie. Because now I can rock it with authenticity. Everyone will know that I am not just a Gracie groupie, or a Gracie girlfriend- because I have the CAULI CRED.

Kung Fu Tuesday. While waiting for class to start, I ran through all my "Mirror" forms. They seemed good, even Five Points. I got far enough to work a little on Leopard Fist In the Mirror, before running out of time.

No CN, but DD was there, so he taught the class (unusual these days). We worked on Bung Bo Kuen- specifically some minor variations on some of the moves, and the apps to go with them. Then DD taught us a little piece out of some other Northern Mantis form (He wouldn’t tell us what form it was).

Tomorrow is SK’s intro class at the Gracie school- I can’t wait! Hopefully on Friday night no-gi, we will have all FOUR of us in there together. How cool would that be?

(Unfortunately, my headgear- even though I paid extra to "rush" it- looks like it won’t get here till Friday night after class…. durnit…)

I have ordered an unbleached cotton Howard’s Combat Kimonos gi for each of my three protege’s… hopefully they will all be here sometime next week.

If I’d only had one or two BJJ 101 students, I would have passed down my own white belts (I had two that I wore; the one that got striped by Rodrigo and the one that got striped by Cindy). Since I had three students- and I didn’t want to gyp just one of them out of a sentimentally-meaningful heirloom belt- I had decided to simply give them all generic belts. I searched high and low for the third one tonight- I know I had another- and I can’t find it. And now I don’t have time to obtain one elsewhere. I’m taking it as a sign… I’m going to pass down one of my old belts to SK. I’ll just have to make him promise to not tell the girls!


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