JB’s first class with Cindy

It’s been a long week. Training into a new laboratory sucks. I have been averaging 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night all week. Today I managed to somehow get through the work day, then I fought horrible traffic for two hours to pick up JB and get us to the Seattle site for Cindy’s no-gi class. We were late, which I felt awful about, but I had done my best.

We worked a really cool takedown- both JB and and I commented that 1)we’d never seen anything like this maneuver, and 2)it worked really well! Then we worked a complicated sequence- a cousin of the turtle-attack to choke sequence we did earlier in the week. It looks as if Cindy is continuing her plan of translating some of each week’s curriculum techniques to no-gi.

Some positional sparring, first from turtle and then from back mount. First I worked with Allison (and his ubiquitous butterfly hooks), then with JB. It’s embarrassing how clumsy I am at no-gi. I get way too little practice at it. Although I did slither out of one of Allison’s armlocks, that I never would have escaped from with a sleeve on.

I had been hoping that Cindy would roll a little with JB, but no luck. I did want JB to get an eyeful of Cindy’s technique, though, so we hung around long enough or me to do one free spar with Allison and one with Cindy.

As we were leaving, JB exclaimed, "Cindy is so cool!" Cool

I got a mysterious Amazon.com package in the mail. When I opened it, it was a book called "Meditations On Violence". After I stopped laughing, I looked at the reciept- it is a present from CK! Smile


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