Ron is in a blue mood tonight

Monday night BJJ at Henrique’s class.

Applying guillotines, defending guillotines, breaking the turtle and transitioning to a gi choke. I drilled with Henrique’s wife (whose name I still don’t know- I probably couldn’t pronounce it even if I did!). She is getting noticably better.

Several rounds of relay positional sparring… I loooooooove relay positional sparring, even though everyone was dominating me tonight.

I rolled out of a tough armbar and was so impressed with myself- for about four seconds- until the roll brought the guy on top of me sitting on my chest. Note to self- escaping a sub by putting yourself into a worse sub = Bad Plan.

The only place I was doing halfway decent was IN guard… I was only getting the occasional pass tonight (usually I do a little better there), but people seemed to be having an extraordinarily difficult time reversing me. Several long, long struggles with multiple opponents. John (blue belt John), commented, "You’re getting much better." Some people tried to reverse me many times and then resorted to one or another tactics which involved taking total advantage of their superior weight. It was frustrating, but at the same time I feel like I must be getting better on some level if they were trying and trying, and that was the only way they could get me over. I don’t think many of the men really want to be seen struggling fruitlessly with the midget girl for more than four minutes or so, in a relay where most of the class is lined up on the wall watching.

I did one (very, very short) relay with Henrique- he rolled over and I hung on and rolled with him- which not many people can/will do, so I was congratulating myself- then he did it three more times, and *I* did it three more times. If there had been anything good I could transition to at that point, I would have- but there wasn’t, and we could have called each other’s bluff like that all day, so I let go and then he immediately squashed me in side control. Rats. Next time I will find SOMETHING better to do.

I did two free rolls with a blue belt that I haven’t really worked with much before. I spent nearly the entire time trapped underneath him in half guard, and couldn’t get out or do anything- but he was having no better luck getting a sub to finish me off despite earnest extended effort.

RON GOT HIS BLUE BELT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup Well deserved, and I’m so happy I was there to see him get it.


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