Uh oh… here come the joint locks.

I am such a lazy wuss… I skipped BJJ this morning because I was just so tired.

Evening BJJ 101 with JM and SK. We did a few warm-ups, then reviewed the scissor sweep, butterfly sweep, the gi choke sequence from last week’s Gracie curriculum, and the cross collar gi choke. The cross collar gi choke was just not working very well for JM, and I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. We were both a little frustrated. I finally said, "Let’s get help with that from someone more advanced than me." She is coming to Gracie’s for an intro class this coming Wednesday (YAY!), so I’ll ask someone good to vet her cross collar gi choke while we’re there.

I taught SK the two side control escapes, then had JM review them as well.

Then on to positional sparring. Again I started with JM- first me in front mount, then her. Then me vs SK for two rounds, and so on. Front mount, side control, and closed guard. (I meant to do a set from back mount as well, but we ran out of time… next time we’ll do that one).

They both continue to get exponentially better with each practice. Both of them pulled off the easier of the two side control escapes on me during the sparring, so I was happy to see that. SK is now confident enough in his rolling to start getting creative with the joint locks. This- along with his superior size- means he is now pretty much dominating me. He knows a ton of joint locks from his more advanced kung fu training. He was getting a little frustrated with me because I kept turtling up… well, I had no choice! I explained to him that that is my oh-sh1t fallback plan when things are going very badly for me and I am about to get subbed- so it meant that he was doing well. I was turtling a lot under JM tonight as well. SK asked me how much I was "going easy" on them. At one point I had let JM get on top, just because I had been on top for a long time and I decided it was just time to move on… other than that, I really wasn’t "giving" either of them anything. They’re just doing really well.

SK asked if I was going to pit him against JM. I had been waffling about that. CK had told me that JM found sparring SK to be really intimidating…. in fact, part of the reason I started the whole "women’s class" was to give JM a chance to spar without that pressure. I had them do to matches starting from closed guard. He subbed her pretty quickly, and she didn’t seem to be rolling quite up to her usual level- so yeah, that might still be a problem.

I asked them how they are liking BJJ so far… now that we’re into sparring, they have a decent enough idea of it to know if they like it or not. They both say they do. Smile SK said that it’s a real endorphin high. I’ll bet he’s really going to enjoy it when he gets a chance to roll against people his own size, whom he doesn’t have to go easy on- people that he can work almost full-throttle against. He’s going to have a real advantage, with his joint lock arsenal.


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