Getting out of side control

Sunday Chenjitsu- SK bailed on us, and there was some kind of event at the community center that forced us to park halfway to Kentucky and walk in- so we ended up with only about 45 min to work. Oh, well, 45 min is better than nothing!

We did some Wave-Hands-Like-Clouds, with and without the walking, and Repulse the Monkey.

We went over the cross-collar gi choke (which was new to JB).

JM and SK had been asking specifically for escapes from side control- so I had two ready to teach. One simple one, and another that is a little more complicated, but seems to work really nice. Getting out of side control is a challenge for me as well, so it was good to have an impetus to work on that.

The I did a few minutes of sparring with each of them, starting from the knees. JB got half set up for a triangle, so I talked her through finishing it.

From there I went straight to CC’s place to work on Shaolin. We continued picking apart Touch Bridge. He wants me to more consistantly visualize EXACTLY what application I am using with each motion. Also, my persistant breathing issues- he assigned me homework for which I am to do the first half of the form multiple times using different breathing patterns, and report back on my findings.


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