One down, two to go!

Full Throttle Friday morning! I took JB to class with me. In the car, I quizzed her again on her basic material as well as briefing her on dojo ettiquette and what to expect.

Pat was nowhere to be found, to my annoyance. But I introduced JB to Rodrigo and a few of my favorite BJJ siblings. People teased her for wearing a gi that said "Kitsune" on the lapel (we are required to Sharpie our names onto our gi jacket lapels). There was some amusing commentary about what it would mean to have multiplying Kitsuni in the gym…. at least I would have someone my own size to spar with!

I didn’t know if Rodrigo would let JB drill with the class, especially since it was Full Throttle Friday. But I knew she’d be able to keep up, because she was already familiar with all six of this week’s techniques. The reap and hip throw, we’ve done those in kung fu. The escape from front mount using shrimping- I taught her a very similar escape from front mount, so I knew she wouldn’t have any trouble picking that up. I taught her the upa, and we were doing two versions of those this week. The only thing left was the sequence leading into the gi choke- and I’d gone over that with her last night.

When we started shrimping across the floor at the end of the warmup drills, Rodrigo came over intending to show JB how to shrimp, and stood there bemused as she just shrimped away. He looked at me and grinned and said, "Deed you teach her that?" I grinned and nodded.

While we were going through the drills, he came over to coach her a little and make sure she had everything right. As he was watching her upa, he got that bemused look on his face again and asked her "Have you trained before?" She replied "Oh, Kitsune’s taught me a few things" and he grinned at me and said, "Well, she’s a good teacher."

Mr. Green Cool Mr. Green Cool Mr. Green Cool

JB was benched for the sparring portion. I did positional sparring with John, who beat me like he always does, but it was a decent set of contests. I almost got a keylock on him, but I slipped in the sweat. JB knows enough to be able to follow the spar, and know what I was going for, and all. That should be helpful for her. When I started, I didn’t really understand much of what I was seeing when I watched the sparring.

Then I asked Glenn for a few spars, and he tapped me out a couple times- but again, good contests. He had a couple of good pointers for me. I *almost* executed the "technique-of-the-week" gi choke on him, but couldn’t quite finish it.

I think it’s safe to say that Rodrigo was impressed with JB, and by extention maybe a little impressed with ME as a tutor! Smile He told her, "I can tell, after the first leettle bit of the class, eef a new person needs to be taken downstairs for a private eentro lesson or eef they can keep up with the class- and I could see you would be fine."

So, she is signed up! thumbsup Now I have another good training partner. This is going to be cool.

We also got to see Shawn get his black belt this morning! I don’t remember if I mentioned that Kevin got his black belt from Carlos Jr. at PanAms. I said to him this morning, "Hey, Kevin, I see that your belt got pretty dirty at the tournament!!" Razz


BJJ 101 from 6pm to 8:30. I combined JM and SK into one class. We worked out in the yard (I now have grass stains on the back of my white Atama) until it began to rain, then moved some furniture and had to make do with a small patch of living room carpet. I reviewed the cross collar gi chokes, the two sweeps, and the positional flow drill, then taught them the new gi choke sequence from this week’s Gracie techniques. Then we did positional relay sparring- starting in front mount, side control, guard. I did two with JM (taking turns with the positioning), then two with SK, and so on, so it was continual for me. They are doing really well, and got discernably better as we went on. I coached them verbally as we went… also reminding them to breathe and relax when they started huffing and spazzing. The one watching the spar could follow things well enough to pick up tricks to use in hir next turn. Both of them (JM more, but SK also had a few) also pulled out a few good defenses out of instinct, that I hadn’t taught them. SK found himself almost set up for a mounted triangle, so I talked him through finishing it.

I feel like we got a lot of good practice today, and they evolved a lot. When I got home, I sent them both an e-mail pimping the Gracie school and trying to talk them into coming in for an intro lesson. One down, two to go! Twisted Evil


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