Cindy’s turn to run a clinic on me

Geez, are you seeing a pattern in the last few days of my training??! surrender

Monday morning BJJ… Cindy’s teaching since Rodrigo is out of town for PanAms.

Fabiana got 1st in her division and Kevin got 3rd in his! mosh I couldn’t find Henrique or Pat in the listings, so I’m thinking they didn’t place… but I guess I will hear more later when they all get back.

A hip throw, an upa, and a rather long and complex maneuver out of side control- you wait for the guy to try to mount, then you grab half guard, roll over him and get his back, get collar grips, roll him over again, transitioning to a gi choke. I hope I get a few more classes to work on this one.

I worked with Brian- who is never gentle with me-then I did a positional spar with Marc (I did okay against him), then I drew Cindy! Shocked Cindy was rough on me today. First she socked me right in the nose (accidentally) hard enough to make my eyes water, then she did a double knee drop right onto my ribs (accidentally), then some guy came over and asked her "Can you show me that sub you were telling me about?" "Sure! C’mere Kitsune, lie down," Then she proceeded to use me as a demo dummy for twelve or fourteen rather painful subs, one right after another. surrender Of course I don’t want to look like a wimp in front of Cindy Hales, especially when she’s trying to demonstrate a technique- so I didn’t want to tap prematurely. OMG- I’ve been choked, cranked, locked, crushed, thrown, bow-and-arrowed, and stacked to within an inch of my life this morning!

I did get a little inadvertant revenge when I pushed both of her knees to the side and crawled up over them to pass her guard… she’s got a bad knee, and I knelt a little too hard on a painful spot (by accident). Luckily I had a good view of her face at the time and I saw her wince, so I got off pretty quick.


BJJ 101 with SK….as we were carpooling over to the community center, I looked over and he had my syllabus in his lap- completely covered with scribbled notations. Razz I gave him a few miles and then said, "Are you ready for the verbal quiz or do you need to study some more?" He had a couple of stumbles on the verbal quiz, but he got all the questions right on the way home. It’s nice that I can now tell these folks stories from my BJJ class without having to stop and explain terminology.

He told me that JM had come in yesterday bouncing around and bubbling over about how she’d tapped me twice. Smile

We had to work without mats tonight. It was okay, but we did get done in enough time that we could have done a little positional sparring if only we’d had mats, durnit. Oh well. We got through all the material, and I even added the hip switching and cross collar chokes. I kept asking, "Are you getting overwhelmed? Is that enough, or do you want to add this other thing?" He’s doing pretty well- not catching on as fast as the girls, but he’s having to unlearn a lot more more kung fu habits along the way which are not allowed in sport BJJ.

I’m getting pretty frustrated about the unreliability of getting mats, though. Especially since we are now getting into sparring, and NEED mats to work on. If I wasn’t unemployed, I’d go out and BUY a mat right now.


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