Finally a little bit of careful sparring.

Wednesday morning BJJ.

Rear bearhug defense to a pretty cool double-leg takedown- I couldn’t finish the takedown without falling on my ass, which was embarrassing, but I guess it’s okay as long as I fall on my ass ON TOP of the opponent.

Escape from side control to turtle to a double leg reversal. This was kind of a complicated one. It is one of those techniques where I keep having to stop and think, "Is it the RIGHT knee or the LEFT knee that slides up?", so I couldn’t do it very quickly or smoothly, but I could do it.

A little specific training from overhooking side control. This was a bit rough on my thumb. First I got on top of Fred in side control with my left bad-thumb-arm overwrapping his left shoulder. As soon as he started trying to escape, his shoulder blade was rocking and squeezing my sore hand repeatedly against the mat. surrender After a couple of rounds, I switched to the other side so that I was controlling his shoulder with my good hand and grasping his pants at the outside of the thigh with my bad-thumb-hand. THEN, as soon as he started trying to escape, he pressed his thigh down on the mat with my sore hand underneath it. surrender There was nothing for it but to grit my teeth and resign myself to thumb-squashing.

Rodrigo asked me how I was doing, as I was walking out, and I told him that I am so very sick of sitting on the bench. I watch everyone rolling, and I want to play too!

My abs are definitely feeling the 3X dose of that reversal we did on Mon/Tues- they are sore! But in a "my muscles worked hard" way, not in an "I’m injured again" way.


Wow, my abs hurt every time I cough or sneeze. I’ve never had that happen with post-workout muscle soreness before, only with rib injuries. But muscle soreness is what it is- Lord knows I’ve had enough of both to be able to tell the difference.

Wednesday evening BJJ with Cindy! Smile It was a smaller class tonight- maybe a dozen people, and four of them were new.

Cindy asked me how my injuries are doing, and I told her that I’m about ready to chop the frickin’ thumb right off!

Same techniques as Monday/Tuesday. I drilled and then did specific training with Kevin. He is usually pretty competitive with me skill-wise, but he didn’t seem to be doing as well tonight. Maybe side control isn’t his thing. Anyway, I had to ease up and leave him a few openings to work with.

I did a five-min-or-so spar with Cindy, very carefully. Then another one with (white-belt) Dave (we also have a blue-belt dave), after he promised to be very careful with me. It was so nice to finally be able to do a little bit of sparring, even though it had to be light and careful.

I was grabbing a lot of half-guards on Kevin and Dave (as usual, the only things I grabbed on Cindy were what she chose to allow me to grab). I have Youtubed a couple of tricks to use from half gaurd, since I seem to be pretty good at grabbing it. I actually made one of those tricks work on Dave tonight. It is tricky to mess around down on the bottom whilst being careful of the thumb, though.

After that, I tried to lure Ron onto the open mat, but he was tired. I accused him of being afraid to fight me, and he agreed as he always does. I made him promise to spar me next time.


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