Ambars and armlocks

Tuesday morning in the Danger Room!

I worked with Bree on the same three techniques from yesterday.

Bree, re: the armbar: "I’m having trouble keeping it- your arms are too short!"

Okay, it is UNANIMOUSLY agreed upon by our entire panel that my arms are too short! Razz

I did the specific positional training (from the scarf and side-control-holding-arm positions), carefully, but not the open mat.


Tuesday night kung fu. I was able to do all the warmup forms- altho I had to restart Five Points, which I messed up because everybody was watching me.

Then we worked applications from the tail end of Five Points. I worked with Nemesis. It was armlocks, wouldn’t ya know it. Armlocks do not work on Nemesis. If he ever turns evil and I have to fight him, I will simply bludgeon him- I will *not* attempt a joint lock of any type because I know it is fruitless. Furthermore, the setup to these armlocks involved grabbing with a left Tiger claw hand. My left Tiger claw hand currently lacks a functional thumb, which limits its effectiveness significantly. Anyway, I went though the motions and then I finished with a good swift kick, which is what I usually resort to as a Plan B when I try something on Nemesis and it does not work.

After that, we went though the Tiger formlettes several times. Then got out mats and worked them with partners. I worked with JB this time, and was able to execute everything acceptably.


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