New ideas for grip

Thursday morning BJJ, Stephen teaching (drills only for me).

Another guillotine, another guillotine defense (with takedown, to an arm lock), a scarf hold escape (to an arm lock), and a side control escape (to replacing guard). I worked with Bree, carefully. She was muttering about how it was just her luck that when she has a hurt neck, this is the week we are doing all the guillotine stuff. I was really anxious about guillotining her and then taking her down while still clamped on her neck…. I was EXCEEDINGLY careful.

During sparring, I sat on the bench with Nelson, and he had some very interesting perceptions on grip. I was complaining about how I still can’t grip anything with my left hand, as the thumb doesn’t function yet. (He and Bree both think it’s a fracture instead of a sprain.) Anyway, he showed me a surprisingly functional and strong grip using the last three fingers only. When I expressed worry that this left my pointer and my sore thumb stuck out to catch on stuff, he showed me how to tuck them back so that they are mostly out of harm’s way. It’s not some earth-shattering secret technique or anything- just a shift in perception for someone who never concieved of any type of functional grip without using the thumb. I am looking forward to experimenting with this.

He was also giving Bree and me some ideas for mitigating size difference issues in throws. Nelson has a lot of experience, a lot of interesting skills, and he knows his stuff. I’ll have to see about possibly getting him to do a little seminar/workshop or three on various topics for my kung fu class. There are so many people in the Gracie school who teach in other arts- it would be fun and interesting to ask them to share a little basic material from their various arts.


Kung fu basics. After hand drills, we did some basic self-defense review (wrist grabs, hair grabs, that sort of thing). We split into pairs and tried to recall as many different techniques as we could for a given attack. Next week will be more of the same.

JB and I went over the Tai chi long form. We had a few blonde moments, but between the both of us, we got through it. Then again, more confidently. We’ll do Cannon Fist next week, then the following week we will review both of these forms again.


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