A productive private kung fu lesson!

Tuesday morning BJJ, Fabiana teaching- same techniques as yesterday. I picked up a few more bits of the puzzle.

When we went to pair up, Bree and I looked at each other and both said, "One of us should work with Susie." I’m glad that she’s taking some responsibility there as well. Then we saw that Bob was offering to work with Susie, so that was cool.

Bree started sparring again too soon after hurting her neck, and she hurt her neck again. So I had to be really careful with her, especially since we were doing those escapes where you throw your leg over the person’s neck and choke them or force them down. I asked her if she could do these at ALL, and she said "Let’s try" So I did them carefully- slow and gentle.

Since we were working on some side control positioning, we did several quick hold-side-control-vs-escape-side-control matches, and several side-control-try-to-go-to-front-mount-vs-prevent-front-mount-and-escape matches. After a few with Bree, I did a few with Susie (she’s getting more sure of herself) and then a few with Dan (whose right hand was injured, so we went light). By then I was exhausted and overheated.

I’m so TIRED of going light. Sometimes I feel like I’m never going to be hale again!

Nelson was still on the bench. He wants to gi up on Thursday. His doctor says two more weeks. I told him he should listen to his doctor- and then when he comes back, to do just drills for a while. We’ll see if he learned a lesson from last time, or if he’s going to reinjure himself even worse. He’s dying to roll, though. I sure feel his pain (literally and figuratively).

There’s going to be promotions again soon… I’m hoping to see Ron, Dan, Bob, Fred and John get blued. John is only a 2-stripe white, but he’s as good as those others- maybe better. He may not have had enough "calender seniority" yet, though. Allison should get purpled here before too much longer. It would be nice to see Sonia get promoted to blue at some point too- but I have no idea how long she’s been a 4-stripe white and also no idea how many classes she’s been putting in… I hardly ever see her, but I don’t get to evening classes in Seattle- she might be going there.


Kung fu night. I had an awesome lesson. DD was out of town, Nemesis was at a family dinner, JM was not feeling well, CN injured his knee, JB was too tired from work, we haven’t seen JoE in weeks, and JaE often does not show up due to his work schedule. So it was just SK and me- private lesson time! thumbsup

Unfortunately, my injuries made it impossible to do what would have been my first choice of material; SPARRING. Bummer.

So we warmed up with a few forms, and he made some corrections on mine. Lots of detail work particularly on Five Points Of the Star. It’s nice to be able to clean up some of the little niggly errors in my formwork, and to have a chance to ask all of my questions without feeling like I’m hogging other people’s time. I love to go through forms with SK and just stop at anything that I don’t feel 100% solid with, and proceed to GET solid with it. I got him to help with those darn Black Crane parries in Five Animals, too.

Then we went through all of the Tiger formlettes that everybody else learned at the retreat. I had really wanted to work on those and had been asking CN for a couple of weeks if we could get to that. I was just so overwhelmed with material after the retreat that I never got around to writing down exhaustive descriptions of those formlettes- and without the writeups, I couldn’t practice them and be sure I was doing them right. Now I’ve got them all notated, so I can start grinding out the reps that I need to get fluent with them.

I also showed SK the Tiger formlettes I’ve learned from CC.

By then, my brain was full and I could feel my attention span floating away… so as much as I would have liked to pick his brain some more, I know that after a certain point, I cease retaining stuff and my performance slides into "negative returns" territory. So it was time to stop.

We had 45 min left, so I gave SK an into BJJ lesson. Smile Unfortunately I didn’t have with me any copies of the neat and well-organized syllabi that I have been using for the girls… so I just taught him Rodrigo’s "five basic techniques for new white belts" and some basic positions. He knows nothing at all about grappling, so we were starting at ground zero. He is a quick learner- so we got a lot done in 45 min.

So, a lot of work was accomplished tonight, and much fun had!


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