A serious lack of estrogen in the environment

Monday morning BJJ, Drills only for me, Fabiana teaching.

Escape from front bearhug, going to hip throw

Escape from scarf, bringing the leg up to push opponent’s head down

Variations on side control


Monday evening BJJ in Bellevue. Same three techniques, but Henryque taught them with a couple of minor variations from the way Fabiana taught them. This is one of the things I really like about taking the same lesson repeatedly with different teachers. I get to figure out which variation I like better; which works best for me.

I was feeling a bit exasperated tonight with once again being the ONLY lonely female in a room reeking of testosterone! I haven’t seen Leah in almost three months. I asked Pat about her.

Leah always came in with a family group: Mom (Mom didn’t train, just sat and watched), teen sis (in the kids’ class, but allowed to take an occasional adult class if she drilled with Leah) and a middle-aged guy whose role I am uncertain of (he looked a bit too young to be dad, and a bit too old to be Leah’s BF… and I couldn’t think of a polite way to ask). Anyway, Pat told me that the middle-aged fellow took a serious elbow injury, and teen sis got a new boyfriend who didn’t like her training BJJ, so she quit (sounds like a KEEPER to me! Mad ). Leah appears to have disappeared along with them. Loss of her as a training partner is a serious detriment to my training. Not to mention a big fat bummer. Crying or Very sad I hope she’s not one of those people who gets their blue and then just flakes off. Anyway, she’s in her early twenties, and maybe when she gets out of college in a year or two, she will decide to cut the umbilical cord and train without her whole family having to be there. So hopefully she will be back. Maybe by the time she reappears, I will be able to kick her ass! Mr. Green

In the meantime, though, that leaves us with Angela (purple, whom I literally have not seen in a year), Sonia (4 stripe white whom I see maybe once every two months), and four or so female whites, none of whom have more than one stripe (and none of whom are coming in nearly as often as I am). NOT ENOUGH WOMEN.

And while I don’t mind working with the newbies- and it teaches me things- it’s not all the same things that I tend to learn when I get to work with female jiu jitsu artists who are a step or two above me. Just enough better than me that I can give them a run for their money, but they still beat me.

I’m also feeling a little pressure right now as the ONLY female colored-belt role model that these newbie woman are seeing regularly. (With the notable exception of Cindy…. but I was referring to mere mortals!) Oh, and Fabiana (I’m not sure if she’s mortal either)- but this is her last week with us. Sad

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