Sunday formwork

Went to the (non-MA) gym to do some formwork for about an hour and a half. I went kind of light, but not excessively light. The ankle twinged a bit but did fine. My achy knees- those sadistic old b!tches- were back with a vengeance and are once again being the limiting factor on my workout. "Hey! Remember us?!? You’ve been so preoccupied with Left Ankle lately that we’ve been feeling a little neglected. Don’t you miss our quality time together? How ’bout a hefty dose of ache, just so you won’t forget about us?!?? Take that!!!"

I did Silken Needle, then 2 reps each of Five Animals In the Mirror and Little Red Dragon In the Mirror. I didn’t even bother with Leopard Three In the Mirror- I feel solid with that one.

Then I did several reps of Five Points Of the Star In the Mirror- mostly focussing on the parts that I recently made corrections on.

After that, I did quite a bit of work on Leopard Fist In the Mirror.

Started thinking about what my next Mirror Form should be. I’d LIKE it to be Touch Bridge, but it really SHOULD be Bung Bo Kuen. Confused Especially since we’re going to be working on Mantis this coming semester. I compromised by doing the first couple opening sequences of both forms several times, standard side and Mirror side.

Finished up with a couple reps of Touch Bridge (standard version) and Box Form.

I’ve started doing a few light tasks with my bad-thumb hand. Easy stuff, like turning magazine pages. Yesterday I was able to pick up a half-full can of Dr. Pepper, take a drink and set it back down with my left hand- without dropping it.

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