Saturday no-gi BJJ

Saturday no-gi BJJ. It was a small class, only about 6 or 8 of us- I like it when it’s like that.

We did the guard pass where you double-underhook the legs, then we did two variations on a cradle… Other people have done this to me before, but this is the first time I’ve worked on it myself, so that was great. I got to work with Ron, which is always a good thing.

Jesse, the wrestler/cop who sprained my ankle, was there too. He has a stripe now, so can spar legally! He’s really strong and fast- not the spazziest I’ve seen by a long shot, but he looks like he could stand to learn a bit more control. I’ll have to be really really careful when I work with him again.

Cindy reamed some poor newbie back, forth and sideways for standing up in Ron’s guard and picking him up. He didn’t slam him or anything, I think he knew better than THAT. But we all came away from class today clearly understanding that that is a BIG NO-NO. Shocked

Cindy suggested that I might want to try taping my hand "Flipper style" to try to protect my thumb. I might try that next class. I don’t think it will restrict my movement any more than it’s already restricted, and maybe it will shelter the thumb a bit.

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