The Savage Cheerleader

AAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

I am *SO SICK* of being BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad

Okay… I just had to vent that… moving on.

Kung fu Tuesday night. I was able to do all the warmup forms, even Tiger Vs Crane (flying kicks) and Five Points Of the Star (lots of low stances and lunges). Some things hurt a bit, but nothing too bad. I sat out round 2 (combat cadence).

Then we paired up and looked for creative apps in Five Points, like we did last week, starting where we had left off. Since I was able to actually WORK apps with my classmates this time, I had no leisure time to play with knife apps this week. I did a bit better with the thinking-outside-the-box tonight. CN and SK were, as always, moved to giggles by my excessively Tigery interpretations. Ya know, if a move looks like grabbing an enemy by the hair on both sides of his head and yanking said head right into your roundhouse kick, don’t blame ME. Especially since I was working with JB tonight, and we are the only two people flexible enough to execute a move like that. Cool

We ended with some line drills and balance drills using a few of the techniques out of Five Points, and variants thereof. Then some weird jumping knee-strike thing that the others had apparently worked on last weekend at the Potluck I didn’t go to. CN demonstrated the move, and I started cracking up. "That is a cheerleading jump called a ‘stag jump.’ I can do this." and so I could, high and graceful and with beauteous form (If I do say so myself), despite the sprained ankle. I didn’t have any pom poms, though… must come up with some martially-practical accompanying arm motions that will still give me good balance.

Hmmm…. cheerleading routines with double knives substituting for pom poms… the freakiest part of that notion is not that I *had* it, but that I think some of them would actually translate quite well.

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