Snap, crackle, pop- NOT me this time!

Monday morning BJJ. Ankle’s a bit painful and still swollen- Bryan was exclaiming over its visible deformity in the lobby before class- but I think I could spar on it now if I was careful. Unfortunately, the thumb still doesn’t work. I can’t grip anything with that hand, and every time the thumb got slightly bumped or rubbed or squeezed during drills, it hurt like heck- so I decided to continue to sit out everything *except* drills. Sigh.

Defense against guillotine from standing, and the "bullfight" guard pass. Fabiana was teaching today.

I (wo)manned the stopwatch for the 1.5-min sweep-or-submit-vs-guard-pass matches. At one point, Jim (who was right in front of the bench) cried out and then started writhing and moaning, holding his lower right rib area. Rodrigo and Cindy hustled him out to the lobby, and I could hear him moaning downstairs.

As I was leaving a little later, Rodrigo asked me if I would have a look. I think that since I’m in a health care field, there’s a general assumption around the school that I’m a nurse or a PCT or something- which I’m not, but I have enough general knowledge to sometimes have an opinion. Jim came out of the locker room half naked, and I said, "Did you hear or feel it pop?" "It’s STILL popping." "Huh?" "Put your hand right here." He flexed, and the rib moved rather dramatically and made a terribly audible grinding, popping sound. Shocked "You’re not going to die, but you need to go to Urgent Care and get an x-ray and some painkillers." So Rodrigo put him in the car and took him. He was moaning in the locker room about how now he can’t surf. Those rib injuries suck so bad. I don’t think it was actually broken, but he will still be off the mat (and the surfboard) for five weeks, I’ll bet. Poor guy.


Monday evening BJJ. Same techniques as this morning, with Henrique teaching. Drills only.

I have started writing the alphabet in the air with my thumb. They are tiny letters, though… it hurts! Half my hand is green with the bruising. Yellow will be next; can’t wait! Rolling Eyes

I guess the silver lining of being unemployed and on the injury bench is that I can go to a zillion classes and at least do the drills…. by the time I do the same set of drills three times with three different training partners and two or three different teachers, I can do that technique in my sleep. By day three I am doing it off both sides and getting all the little nuances.

I’m going to miss morning BJJ for the next 2 mornings because I have job interviews both mornings. The one I’m doing tomorrow is for a reference and clinical research lab that turned out to be literally across the street from the Seattle branch of the BJJ school. I have been parking in their parking lot three times a week for the past seven months, and their parking security guard got familar enough with me to notice and congratulate me when I got my belt promotion in December. The shift I’m interviewing for is from 9am to 6pm, M-F…. which would mean no more kung fu carpool (although I should still be able to make it to class), and no more morning BJJ classes. Crying or Very sad But if I could get special permission to schlep in ten minutes late, I could scamper across the street and go straight from work to BJJ class every night. That might be groovy.

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