Who said anything about the kick pad?

Thursday morning BJJ. Stephen was teaching. I have now gotten some of this week’s techniques from three different instructor perspectives and three different teaching styles, which is really cool.

I pounced on Glenn again and asked him to drill with me today. Smile

Ankle is a little sore but doing okay, thumb hurts and is not very useful. You would have laughed yourself half to death if you’d seen me trying to floss this morning; and trying to use the can opener on a can of cat food.

Our visiting professor is doing a seminar on Saturday down in Kevin’s school. I would really like to go, but I’m not sure if I am physically functional enough for it to be practical.


Kung fu basics. We had a new student, so it was indeed pretty basic. I don’t know what his background is, although it was obvious from his very first hand strike drill that he’s trained. His kicks look pretty good too.

Hand strike drills (confined to closed-fist techniques). Any centrifugal force caused my left hand (the one with the sprained thumb on it) to feel like an achy, throbby, hot rock- so I took it a little easy on that side. Since the thumb perpetually sticks out like I’m trying to hook a ride, some of the modified hand positions were comical. I was doing overhand top-fists and cracking up until SK stopped the whole class and demanded to know what was so funny. I told him that I felt like I was at the Roman Collosseum giving the thumbs-up/thumbs-down from the box.

We then did the kick sequence drill and spent a lot of time breaking those kicks down. I could kick with clean technique using my bad foot, although not with any power. I also told SK that I was not going to be kicking any targets today. He said, "I didn’t bring the kick pad." I replied, "That doesn’t necessarily mean absence of targets, you know." Twisted Evil

Kicking with the uninjured foot and balancing on the bad foot was a challenge. I wobbled through it, but it was clumsy and somewhat painful.

A little stancework- that was okay as long as I eased through the transitions slowly- I was worried that scissor step and fifth position in particular would be torture, but it was bearable.

40 min of individual formwork. I tried Five Animals and decided that my ankle still was not quite up to regular formwork, so I did truncated forms: Five Animals and Five Animals In the Mirror, Leopard Three and Leopard Three In the Mirror, Little Red Dragon and Little Red Dragon In the Mirror, Five Points Of the Star and Five Points In the Mirror, Silken Needle, Leopard At Dawn, Hurricane Hands, Bung Bo Kuen, Snake Vs Five Animals, Sil Lum Tao, Chen short form.

I e-mailed CC and told him about all my broken pieces. I told him that he definitely would have wanted to take pictures if he could see them (he loves to take pictures of my battered and abraded bod and send then to RS). First he had to rag on me about making sure I take it easy and don’t hurt myself worse by doing things I shouldn’t be doing. (He also CC’ed RS on the conversation, so I will almost certainly be recieving a second helping of that particular lecture from RS.) CC then suggested that I begin compiling a Facebook gallery of my injury photos. If only I had a decent camera- and computer skills- it would be funny to do. Of course each pic would need to be labelled with the name of the training partner who inflicted the wound, and the name of the technique. Or I could just append the daily photographic evidence to my training blog. Razz CC wanted it noted that none of my injuries are attributable to HIM. I replied that we need to spar more often. Mr. Green


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