Full Throttle Friday

I’ll probably think of a better name for Friday morning Seattle class, but for now it’s "Full Throttle Fridays" in observance of the fact that it is the weekly review class, in which we have 6 techniques to cover at a frenetic pace.

Rodrigo was chivvying people to line up and have their attendance cards ready… some guy slipped in late and placed his card on the wall shelf before darting into line. Rodrigo said, deadpan the way he does, "Geet your card- deed the wall ask for your card? Geet your card, geet in line…" We’re all lined up trying to be serious, biting our lips- but someone started giggling, and Rodrigo cracked a smile, and then we all broke up. Laughing

Cindy and then Fred tried to get me to roll with them (longing sigh)… Fred was like, "Come, on, come on, we can go light!" He is a bad influence! I said, "No, I’m trying to be good because I don’t want to reinjure myself and have to sit out even LONGER…. hopefully next week!"

I got to watch first Rodrigo and then Stephen humble a new guy. This guy obviously had some kind of previous MA experience, he was big and strong and fast and SPAZZY! Rodrigo and Stephen didn’t smear him or anything, but they just calmly and casually subbed him over and over. Rodrigo had him in a triangle, and the guy did NOT want to tap… crazy If Rodrigo gets you in a triangle, there ain’t no coming back from that, buddy… Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here…. just tap like a good boy.

I also got to watch Cindy and the visiting professor spar for a bit- that was fun to watch. I did find out that the visiting professor will be here till April 3, so hopefully there will still be time for me to work with her a little when I’m less broken. Her name is Fabiana, I know that now (and can spell it) because I looked at the entry for her workshop on Kevin’s school’s page. I also got to see a vid of her viciously armbarring some poor victim in a tournament at about 27 seconds.


Rodrigo’s daughter (at least I assume that’s who she was) was there- about three years old, cute- no cauliflower ears on the kid YET!!! Laughing


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