Benchwarming, Day 2.5

Thursday evening Kung Fu, still on the bench.

Ankle continues to improve; still looks like a thick golem appendage, but I can put some weight on it and walk with little pain and a small limp. I just can’t turn the foot or bend the ankle much. I was pleased that I was able to walk across campus to class, and without having to hang on someone’s shoulder like a wilting Gone-With-The-Wind era debutante.

A few hand strike drills (those I could do, albeit no low horse and no stance shifts). I observed that when I struck the pad with my RIGHT hand, my lame left ankle twinged- but not when I struck with my left hand!

Then Nemesis and I took turns attacking/defending to drill some of the Black Crane one- and two-step defenses from Tuesday. Easy does it, no kicks, just Black Crane stance with no shifts.

Then SK and CN asked Nemesis what he wanted to work on, since he and I were the only students there today, and I didn’t really count. Sad He wanted to work on sparring- but since we were in a college classroom with a tile floor, the three of them did relay-spars with one person’s feet "glued" to the floor. It was quite entertaining to watch, especially since these are the three highest-ranked martial artists in this group aside from DD himself. I sure wished I could play, though! Sigh.

If my ankle continues to improve at the rate it has been, I hope I will be able to do at least part of Monday class.


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