“I could have ripped your arm off- seriously.”

No-gi BJJ. Cindy wanted to work on some of the same "techniques of the week", translating them to no-gi. So we did breakfalls and standing up, scissor sweep, sit-up sweep and kimura (goodie!). I worked with a teen yellow belt and then with a brand-new woman who was there for her first day- Molly. I did better with the kimura today.

Then a few short matches starting in guard. My first one was with Cindy herself- oof! After getting my butt rightously kicked by Cindy, I was matched up with some guy I’ve never seen before- he looked like a teen as well, but I’m not certain. Anyway, he was a spazz, and I had to tell him, "Put those armlocks on carefully- and SLOWER- so that I have time to tap." He replied very earnestly that I had nothing to fear, that he woudn’t injure me, that he could have ripped my arm off, seriously- but he was very careful. I’m squatting there thinking, "This is why there’s so much support on the forums for the concept that some people just need a humbling beat-down," I also bit my tongue on, "If you’re such an expert, you should know better than to slam those armlocks on so fast." It’s not my job to Teach Him a Lesson, but I’m certainly not going to tap out to this arrogant little prick again today. Time ran out before either of us got a tap.

Then I rolled several times with Kevin, who is one of Cindy’s younger pet students. He has gotten really good. He is still doing a few dumb things, like forgetting to guard his neck- but he has unlimited energy, does a lot of summersaults just like Cindy does when she spars, and his technicality is good. He tapped me a couple times, and I tapped him a couple times.

Kevin is still a little spazzy too- not nearly as bad as that other kid was- but I was noticing today that I was being very calm and collected facing off with the spazzy young’uns. It wasn’t intimidating… I feel like I have enough technique to compete without getting too much adrenaline boiling. I just curled up and worked defense, and fished for butterfly hooks and half-guard.

I told Kevin that he was about 10X better than the last time I sparred him, and that he’s getting really good. I also made a point of telling Cindy (within his hearing Smile ) "Kevin is kicking my ass- he’s getting really good!"

By the time I was through with Kevin, I was too tired to spar Ron! Maybe next time.

Gi’s a little harder than no-gi. I miss the handholds, and I keep forgetting that it’s not okay to grab people’s pants.


I went to the gym and did about an hour and 15 min of formwork. Hurricane Hands, Leopard At Dawn, all four of the mirror forms (Five Points went okay, to my relief… must have just been an off day that last time when I had so much trouble), Silken Needle, Iron Needle, Bung Bo Kuen. I should have worked the Tiger "formlettes" next, but it just sounded too much like… work. Rolling Eyes I wanted to play with another mirror form. The logical one to do next was Leopard Fist, since that is the second form I ever learned (right after Five Animals), so I have been doing it quite a lot and for a really long time. It’s not my favorite form, although SK says it is one of my best ones. It’s a loooooooong form. I figured I’d transcribe the first few movements. To my surprise, I worked my way through the entire form. There were three or four sticky spots where I had to go back and do a technique the regular way several times and then carefully work out how to invert it- but the bulk of it was surprisingly easy.


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