Mirror Forms

Went to the (non-MA) gym to work on forms. I felt a little guilty skipping the informal Kung Fu practice at Volunteer Park, but I decided that this would be more productive. I like conditioning fine, but I want to make the most of my workout time… I want to multitask. Why do conditioning drills when I can be working forms, technique drills, or rolling- that’s conditioning PLUS learning technique and strategy. Every other week is fine for those conditioning drills.

Besides which, this weekend is supposed to be my "on-rotation" and I haven’t told the kung fu group I’m laid off. I know they’d be supportive and all, but for those few hours a week I’d like to focus on my kung fu problems and not on my employment problems, for now. Also, I’ve let it be assumed that scheduling issues are behind my declining the Wednesday class, and I’m afraid uncomfortable questions (or worse, uncomfortable assumptions) will arise if it’s revealed that my Wednesdays are free and clear these days (or if it’s revealed that I’m at BJJ class instead).

I worked on my three "mirror" forms and their standard-side counterparts. Leopard Three In the Mirror and Five Animals In the Mirror are okay… I can do them fine when I’m alone in the room, but they just need more reps to make them more automatic- so that when I have the added distraction/pressure of someone watching me, I won’t flub them up.

Five Points Of the Star In the Mirror sucked mud today…. the whole 3rd quarter section, I was dithering about what was on the right and what was on the left and whether I had transcribed it correctly. I spent a lot of time doing bits off the standard side and then off the mirror side, trying to make sure I was doing it right. If there are only one to three bobbly spots, I can just memorize, "That snap kick is with the LEFT foot in the Mirror form" or whatever. However, when there are a LOT of bobbly spots, what I really have to do is focus on observing how one technique flows into the next- then it is less rote memorization, and it will immediatly feel weird if I start to do it wrong.

I was doing much better with this form before… I’m going to chalk it up to an off day unless I have trouble with it next time I work on it as well.

I did 4 to 6 reps apiece of the Northern Mantis bo form (plus some basic bo warmup drills), Frolic Of the Five Animals, and Touch Bridge- just because I haven’t worked on them in a while. Bo form was fine. Still a few fuzzy parts in the other two. I need to go over those with CC sometime in the near future.

4 to 6 reps of Leopard At Dawn and Hurricane Hands.

A couple reps of Box Form. I didn’t mess up the sequencing this time, and the energy evolution that I noticed last time persists. Cool beans. thumbsup

I transcribed the entirety of Little Red Dragon In the Mirror. It’s a short form. It went okay, although I did notice that even though I’ve been doing this form longer than I’ve been doing Leopard Three, this one was not as easy to transcribe. It really makes a difference if it’s a Tiger form or not.

I scheduled an extra Chenjitsu meeting for tomorrow. Fun will surely be had. Hope we can get a room and some mats.

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