Left Knee Does Not Touch the Mat!!!

Friday morning BJJ… a simple guard pass, review of one of the bear hug defenses, review of tripod sweep. Man, if I learned one thing, it was definitely "Left knee does not touch the mat!" while getting up at the end of the tripod sweep. If Rodrigo said "Left knee does not touch the mat!" once, I swear he said it two hundred times over the course of 90 min… with growing vexation. Obviously some of us were still not getting it. Eventually I murmured to John (with whom I was drilling), "I’m going to hear that in my nightmares all night tonight!"

Guard-pass-vs-sweep-or-submit, first with Brian and then with John. I did no better against John than I did the other day… once again that seemingly gaping inviting space in his guard; it looked like you could drive a pickup truck through the gap- but I just couldn’t get my knee in. I tried the scissor sweep on Brian and couldn’t make it work. After he yanked me down on his chest while I was in his guard, I exclaimed in exasperation that "I can’t stop people from doing that!" "Don’t say you CAN’T!" "FINE! I am having TROUBLE stopping people from doing that!" I finally stopped him from doing THAT, but then he started laughing and said, "Okay, but you can’t just hunch there in my guard like that forever, you have to DO something now!" Then I couldn’t seem to defend against him getting my elbow pulled out, even though I knew darn well that that’s what he was doing, and knew darn well that I didn’t want it to happen. Arrrgh. Today was one of those days when I feel like I’m never gonna get it.

Connor was there- I haven’t seen him in months! Then I remembered that there’s an in-house tournament tomorrow and the Revolution Tournament on the 13th. Certain people seem to pop up right before the tournaments. I didn’t get to work with him, though. Maybe next week. I wish he was around more, because he’s a small guy (probably lighter than me) and I learn a lot by watching him tool on the bigger people.

We also got more lecture time on the new schedule and the new rules that will be formally begun on Monday. They’re really cracking down. If you’re late, you may well not be allowed on the mat at all. You have to stand there at the door and wait for the instructor to notice you, after which s/he may choose to beckon you in (and you do The Walk Of Shame across the room), or s/he may choose to tell you to go to hell (not literally, of course… but you may be told to leave and come back tomorrow- on time!) I am careful to not be late… I’ve only been late once since I started there, and it was only by about three minutes… I came in during the cardio warmup, not during the instructional portion of the class. Hopefully this crackdown is aimed at people who are habitually late and then disruptive and disrespectful when they come in… and hopefully the teachers will not be mean to me if I’m ever late!

I have no problem with most of the rules and formalities… most of them I have been doing all along anyway. The only ones so far that I don’t like are "pants and jacket must be the same color" and "you must be fully uniformed before you step on the mat" I like to come in 20 min early and stretch, and it’s so hot in there… I don’t like having to put on my jacket right away. Oh well, gotta deal.

I’ve been getting sloppier lately about staying for open mat… I need to get my discipline back about that.

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