Rhino vs house cat

Monday morning BJJ. Didn’t sleep well, and was I ever dragging butt… it was really hard to get dressed and get in the car to go to class this morning. But I did it! thumbsup

Defense against a rear bear hug
Pendulum sweep
Tripod sweep

I am really enjoying the sweeps. They are just fun, and I’m glad to be shoring up this weaker area in my game. It’s gonna be even more fun when I can start consistently making them work for real in a sparring situation.

It was also nice to know the names of the techniques. This is going to be a big plus of following the strict posted curriculum that is being adopted at the school. The teachers tend to often not mention the name of the technique we’re working on, so I have no idea- now I’ll always know by checking the schedule on the wall. After class, when I came home and wrote up the day’s techniques in my MA logbook, I also found vid of both sweeps so that I could review and make sure I was notating everything down correctly.

I got to drill with Glenn today- he’s one of my favorite people to work with, and I haven’t worked with him for a long time, so I ran over and grabbed him by the back of the jacket as soon as people began to pair up. Razz I’m glad I did, because we had an odd number of people today, and three guys had to work together, switching out- that would have been me if I didn’t grab somebody quick, and I hate being in a trio because it means you get fewer reps.

I didn’t stay for open mat, since I had to get home and deal with some unemployment paperwork. Sad

Monday evening BJJ. Round two of one of the guillotine defences that we did last week, then a butterfly sweep variation. I worked with a woman I’ve never seen before, who turned out to be Henrique’s wife! Every time we were told to switch partners, he motioned me back to her. I was perplexed, until she told me that she had just started BJJ and he was paranoid that someone would break her- so he would only let her work with brown/black belts unless it was a smallish size female. Rolling Eyes At one point she called him over and they had what sounded suspiciously like a brief lovers’ quarrel in Portugese WHILE she was engaged in trying to pass my guard! Shocked She seemed nice, though… we chatted a little after class, altho we were having a bit of a language barrier. Since she doesn’t have any stripes, she was not allowed to roll open mat- and there wasn’t anyone else there my size who had enough stripes, either, so I just sat and watched… sigh. No Leah tonight. And no Ron. I haven’t seen Ron for two months. I hope he didn’t quit.

We were giggling while we watched Henrique roll with his brother-in-law… Henrique is a smaller-size fellow, and brother-in-law is a rhinocerous- that guy weighed well over 300. Henrique has enough technique to handle him- but it was like watching a rhinocerous roll with a house cat. Razz

As the second round of timed matches started, Pat came out of the bathroom and Henrique yelled at him, "Are you in?" Pat yelled "I’m in!" Henrique pointed to the rhinocerous, and Pat yelled, "Oh Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!" ROFL We were watching with baited breath and many more giggles- Pat did well, altho by then the rhino was obviously getting tired.

Hey, who wants to see my teacher kicking some butt? Smile


Henrique’s the one in the green belt. The guy in the dark blue t-shirt sitting on the sidelines is Rodrigo.

And here’s Pat- The Great Panda- this is the guy who gave me my very first BJJ lesson (shrimping, armbar from mount and keylock!):


Pat’s in blue. You can also see Jesse and his Hugh Jackman "Wolverine" sideburns on the sidelines during the second half. At 1:48 you can see Glenn (white gi) standing at screen right talking to Rodrigo (dark track suit and water bottle).

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