Bree skulks out before open mat again!

Tuesday morning BJJ. The same bearhug defense, pendulum sweep and tripod sweep as yesterday. I worked with Bree. When she front mounted me with hooks in at the end of the tripod sweep, after she did it a couple times, I told her- "Arch your back a little more and- eeeEERK!" She started cracking up. "Your eyes just bugged out!" I wanted to make sure she knew how to do it right, but I guess she was just trying to be nice those first few reps- because when she laid it on, she not only made my eyes bug out, but my spine cracked and my ribs squeaked in protest! Shocked

I did some guard-pass/sweep matches with Bob and John. Bob dominated me. John and I were almost evenly matched. He’s got a heck of a closed guard. There was a little wiggle room in there, but try as I might I just could not work my knee into the space. Maddening.

Bree hightailed it before open mat again. "Where are you going, woman??!" "Sorry- I have to pick up my kids." "You’re afraid to spar me!" "Well, that too!" She promised to stay for open mat next week.

Nelson was on the bench. Remember his groin injury? Dumb guy (I say that with affection) kept training and hurt himself even worse. He’s going to the doctor tomorrow, but he’s going to be out for a while for sure.

Tuesday evening intermediate Kung Fu….

I used the time before class to go over Leopard At Dawn, Hurricane Hands, and Leopard Three In the Mirror.

I have adopted the habit of going off into the hallway or kitchen (when we’re at the community center) or into another unused classroom (when we’re at the college) while I’m practicing just before class starts. I have always been loathe to work with others watching me, and in my present state of insecurity, I just can’t bear it. Nemesis and JM in particular tend to not work on their own stuff, they tend to stretch and moon around and stare at me, which drives me crazy!

I looked up at one point and saw SK standing at doorway watching me doing Snake-Strikes-and-Press-Blocks up and down the hallway. I immediately got all confuddled, and exclaimed "Go away! You’re making me too self-conscious!" He disappeared. A little while later, I glanced up and saw him peeking at me through the tiny little window set in the door. When I made a threatening motion toward him, he laughed and cleared out.

JaE was there tonight; I’m always happy to see him when he is able to make class. I got to work with him some, too. He was doing takedowns on me and setting me on the mat like I was made of spun glass. I told him, "You can go ahead and throw me… it’s okay, I won’t break… just don’t SLAM me." "I would NEVER do that- you’re too nice!" Mr. Green

Forms warm-up first. DD and CN were both late, so SK was leading. I asked if we could face another direction, and he pulled the same damn thing on me that CN did a couple months ago… "Sure! Everybody face the windows. Follow Kitsune." Mad Razzafrackin….. I really want to face different directions sometimes so we don’t get too reliant on the visual cues, and it also helps me to be able to observe different classmates during different portions of the forms. But I don’t want to get shanghaied leading every time. Geez… next time, I’ll ask if we can face the KITCHEN, and I will stand on the OPPOSITE end of the room. Although at this point, it appears to be becoming some kind of game to them- they will probably figure out some way to turn it on me regardless!

We worked on two of the short Black Crane drills, using them as line drills. Then we did the Black Crane One form about half a dozen times. By rep three or so, I noticed the energy doing something different. I can’t really define it- it seemed like a positive phenomenon- I’ll be interested to see if it happens again. It would be good to evolve some of my Crane work. Crane is probably my weakest style, and Black even worse than White.

After that, we got out the mats and worked applications of one of the Black Crane drills that we’d practiced earlier. After working with JaE, I worked with JB, so that was nice- they are two radically different body types, and it’s always interesting and helpful to figure out how you have to tweak things to make them work on different people.

JB and I got the giggles at one point… she’s such a goofball… when we’re doing apps, and she’s the attacker, she will make bizarre faces and noises, and flap her arms as she lunges at me, or lumber like a gorilla, or some such foolishness. It’s hard to stay serious sometimes, especially when you start doing the same back at her.

DD showed up about halfway through class, still in his work clothes. I think I’ve mentioned before that the guy TOTALLY does not look like a kick-butt martial artist, he looks like a harmless middle-management paper-pusher… it was pretty funny to see him demo’ing takedowns in his slacks and button-down shirt.

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