Chenjitsu- the jinx continues

Chenjitsu– the jinx continues! once again we have no room to use. Mad The gal at the community center counter said grudgingly that we could use the room for a half hour till the MA class who had reserved it arrived. Luckily, they were nice folks who let us sweet-talk them into letting us have a corner and a couple mats Smile They were screaming a lot, so my group had a little trouble making ourselves heard to each other- but no complaints, heck, we had room and mats! It’s all good!

We were also jinxed in that once again we lacked a full class- JM bailed because she was still not feeling well after her near-fainting spell at practice on Saturday.

I spent an hour and a half with JB and ES reviewing all the BJJ stuff I had taught them in the last meeting- shrimping, some basic positions, a couple escapes, a couple guard passes. I want to make sure their technique is really clean on the basic stuff before getting into anything more complicated, and I want them to have a good sense of where their weight is supposed to be while they are holding basic positions, transitioning between positions, and executing techniques. JB is picking things up pretty fast, and ES even faster.

When I was satisfied with the look of their review material, I taught them a couple of new positions, one additional guard pass, and a positional flow drill.

Then we did about a half-hour’s worth of Chen- since we didn’t have JM (our Chen newbie), we went ahead and worked on the short open-hands form… mostly catching ES up on some of the corrections and changes that CK had imparted on her last 2 visits.

Injury tally from yesterday- shoulder hurts, but it is not too bad. The split lip stings every time I take a sip of Coke. And the nose hurts every time I touch it. I have an impressive largish bruise on the underside of my jaw- not sure who the responsible party is for that.

I told JB, "You would have been proud of SK yesterday- he bit me!" She was delighted. Being a Monkey, she is big with the scratching and biting and pinching during spars.

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