Friday morning- guillotined again

Friday morning BJJ- Rodrigo said, "Defense against guillotine" and I thought, "Good, reinforcement of the one we worked on Monday night."- but it was a different one!

Then a front-bear-hug defense that ended with a hip throw.

Then we learned a technique for dealing with people who yank your lapels and pull you down on their chests when they have you in their guard. I actually earned a "Good, Keetsune! Perfect!" from Rodrigo as he was roving around watching- that was great. I had earned his exasperation on Tuesday by going left when I should have gone right (I do that kind of thing a lot), and it’s so embarrassing. I’m getting better as time goes along, though, at being able to accurately parrot back the demo’ed technique… because at this point, usually at least some pieces of it are familiar and/or make sense to my mind; it’s not all completely foreign. Anyway, it was awesome to get that bit of positive reinforcement; I really needed one about then!

I had several short pass-guard-vs-sweep-or-submit matches with Fred and John. I held my own today. I passed Fred’s guard once- and he didn’t give it to me, either.

Had to leave before open mat so that I could pound the pavement some more. I am getting heartily sick of filling out online applications. Hope I don’t have to resort to on-call. There are quite a few on-call positions out there, but you can never be garanteed that you’ll get enough hours to pay your rent. Unless, that is, you’re on-call for multiple hospitals- in which case scheduling is a real PITA even if you’re not trying to fit MA training in.

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