Tonight I’m glad I’m not a man.

Tuesday AM BJJ. More takedown drill, more scissor sweep. I was happy to do scissor sweeps again today- today was fine-tuning day on that technique. I worked with Bree. She got her first stripe today, so now she can spar. I was looking forward to rolling with her, but she had to leave early. Sad

pass-guard/sweep-or-submit short spars. I was in Bree’s guard, and she asked me what she was supposed to do. I told her to try to turn me over and get on top any way she could. Then I said, "WAIT- I forget you’re an MMA fighter… when I say "any way you can", punching me in the face doesn’t count."

We were pretty evenly matched, given her weight advantage and her previous MA experience… which means it will probably be about two weeks or so before she’s kicking my @ss every single time…. sigh. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever feel competant.


Kung Fu- whew- I feel like I have been kicked viciously and repeatedly from head to toe… maybe because I have.

I used the time before class began to go through Hurricane Hands, Leopard At Dawn, Five Animals In The Mirror (several extra reps through the Black Crane parry section, on both sides), several of the Tiger Formlettes (both the retreat ones and the ones I got from CC) and Leopard Three In the Mirror. I haven’t worked on Leopard Three In the Mirror all that much- and haven’t done it at all in several weeks- but with the exception of a few "which leg does the forward step?" "which hand is guarding the groin?" type hesitations toward the end, it’s not bad at all. Maybe just the fact that I know this form so well makes it so easy to transcribe.

After Tiger and Crane forms warm-up, we worked on Dragon-Rides-The-Wind, whirlwind kicks, and wheel kicks- first as line drills, then using a hapless classmate as a target. Then axe kicks: first the roll-with-axe-kick-to-bad-guy-on-the-ground, then the roll-to-hooking-bad-guy’s-leg-and-axe-kick-him-in-the-belly-to-takedown. Both targeted first on folded mats, then on each other. JoE axe-kicked me in the groin so hard that I said to him, "If I was a man, I’d be puking on you right now."

To be followed by Iron Brooms!

While we were doing the hooking-leg-with-axe-kicks on each other, I was noticing how my BJJ training has hardwired me to grab people- or grab their clothes- whenever I get the chance. This technique as we were taught it has no hand involvement- but once I was coming out of the roll and wrapping JoE’s leg, it was like, "Why on earth would I *not* get a handful of his pants cuff right here just to solidify this position? Nor will it hurt to give it a good yank while I’m kicking him."


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