Fun Tiger Throw

Morning BJJ- more of the same material that we did on Monday morning. I drilled with Bree. Bree has been training MMA for 3 years. Shocked She’s going to smoosh me.

Open mat- I rolled several times with Andrew. He subbed me every time, but they were good, long, competitive rolls. Also, I had an opportunity to try the triangle escape that Brian taught me yesterday. It was a sloppy execution, but I did get out. thumbsup

After BJJ, I did a drive-by of a house for rent that I found on the web. It has a "huge shop with utilities". Mentally, I had myself half moved into the place and said shop set up as a home dojo. Unfortunately, I could see from the road that while the shop was certainly huge, it was in pretty sorry repair and would probably take way too much work and $$ to make usable for my purposes. The search continues.

Tuesday evening kung fu. I used the time before class started to go over Silken Needle (having consulted my notes and now knowing the correct sequencing), Iron Needle, Hurricane Hands (I have the latest section memorized better now, but still trying to get the form and timing of the Snake-Strikes-and-Press-Blocks sequences right… haven’t even STARTED worrying about the BREATHING yet), Leopard at Dawn, Five Animals in the Mirror (those darn Black Crane parries… I’m still fumbling them, and now I’m fumbling them even WORSE off the opposite side!), and Five Points in the Mirror. I haven’t practiced my "mirror" forms in a while… they were still in decent shape for the most part, altho I fumbled a little with the end portion of 5 Points. I was about to try Leopard 3 In the Mirror when class was begun.

After forms warm-up (all of the Tiger material and Crane material that the whole class knows), we got the mats out and worked a little more on the roll-and-kick out of Wood Monkey that we had been working on before, with vict- I mean, with training partners. Then we went over one of the Tiger formlettes that has a throw in it, and we all threw each other. Then another throw that was a variation of the one in the formlette. Lots of being flung to the floor tonight- luckily for me, most of the flinging I was recieving was at the hands of JM, who is not nearly as tall nor as violent as the boys. I dread getting thrown by SK and Nemesis… it’s like being thrust brutally off the roof of a six-story building.


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