If you’re dumb enough to do upas on a tile floor…….

….you kind of deserve the big goose egg on the back of your head.

I used part of the formwork period tonight to try to catch JB up on the the few other BJJ items that we didn’t go over on Tuesday night. We had no mats, so we were working on a tile hallway floor. I was exaggerating the hip pop on the upa because she wasn’t doing it explosively enough- and as I popped my hip, I snapped my head back and clunked it on the tile floor so hard it must have registered on the Richter scale. I was more embarrassed than hurt- Embarassed but there is quite the impressive lump rising on the back of my skull.

Tonight in Kung Fu basics class, after two rounds of animal-specific hand drills, we dissected the Five Animals form a bit more. There is a pair of Black Crane parries-and-pull-aparts near the end of the form that I have always been sort of fuzzy on, so I asked to work on those- I hope I clarified them, but I need to do a zillion reps to make sure. Then we worked on some Leopard Fist. I had sent CN and SK an e-mail telling them that it would really mean a lot to ES if she could get Leopard Fist done and polished up as much as possible before she moves to New York in March. So I was gung ho to do more Leopard Fist… a form is never done.

A bit more Hurricane Hands- this next section is a very challenging one. It consists of several sets of Snake strikes at varying heights. Of course SK executes these with to-the-millimeter precision and blinding speed… and I want mine to look the same! This is going to take a **LOT** of practice.

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