Faster, faster!

Wednesday morning BJJ- After about a million years of turbo-speed takedown setup drills (sheesh!), we worked on two variations of a really cool sweep. It involves scooting right under the opponent- another technique that seems good for small-person-vs-big-person.

A few rounds of pass-guard-vs-sweep-or-submit with John. The first time, as soon as I compromised my base to try to pass his guard, he reversed me almost immediately. How embarrassing! So the second time, I just sat back and controlled his hips, and let him thrash around exhausting himself while I waited for an opening. A couple of times, I tried for a pass and he thwarted me, so I hunched back on his hips again and bided my time. Unfortunately time ran out. I guess that would be a strategy for the longer matches.

I skipped open mat, as I am still dealing with this cold…

Evening kung fu. CC wanted to video me doing Hurricane Hands, which was a little nerve-wracking as I don’t feel totally comfortable with the most recent chunk yet. I hope I get a chance to work on that with SK tonight. Then he had me do the White Crane sequence, some of the Tiger formlettes, and all of the Leopard stuff. I didn’t get a new piece of the form, but we worked on some corrections and (especially) flow. Also, the nasty wheel kick from Tiger Versus Crane. I have always had trouble with that one.
he was having me do everything FAST… nothing is ever FAST enough for CC! My fastest form is "half speed" in his eyes. Rolling Eyes

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