First Womens’ “Chenjitsu” group session

Well, the Womens’ "Chenjitsu" meeting ran into a few little snags.

First, I got an e-mail from JB just as I was going out the door: she had a migraine and had to bail.

So I had to go back to my computer and find the rest of the outline I’d made for the BJJ portion, and print out some extra material since we would now be doing an hour of BJJ instead of the half hour I’d planned on. My housemate’s printer takes 10 min to warm up and get going, so that made me late. I was just grateful that I *HAD* additional stuff prepared. I don’t deal well with surprises.

When we got to the community center it was closed. (It had been JB’s responsibility to check on that).

We tried to call another community center, and it appeared to be closed as well.

So we went to the UW campus gym, and had a nice brisk walk because I didn’t want to pay to park on campus (especially since it was going to cost us eight bucks apiece guest fee to get into the gym). When we got there, the dude at the counter tried to bounce us out because a student can only bring in one guest at a time. Luckily, the student in line behind us was kind enough to claim one of us as "his guest" so that JM could get both me and ES inside.

The UW gym is really nice. It’s the size of a mall. I was afraid to go try to find a bathroom without leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. There was a lovely big mat room.

ES was very insistant that we do some Chen. I *really* was not up for teaching Chen. JB’s Chen form is much cleaner than mine, and I am paranoid about inadvertantly teaching JM (a Chen virgin) bad habits. Besides, I didn’t sign on to teach Chen, I didn’t PREPARE to teach Chen, I didn’t have a nice little typed outline ready. (Did I mention I don’t deal well with surprises?) I told ES that she was more than welcome to lead the Chen portion, if she really wanted to do it, and she just kept grinning at me and saying, "YOU are CK’s senior Chen student!" Razzafrackin……

So we did some Chen, and ES assistant-taught, so between the two of us I think we did okay. A little standing meditation, a little Wave-Hands-Like-Clouds, a little foot reeling, a little Repulse-The-Monkey, a couple of other things. Then the first few movements of the short open-hands form. JM is a very quick study, so she did very well.

Then on to the BJJ! Again, they are both quick to pick things up, so we actually got through a lot of material. We did three of Rodrigo’s Basic Five Techniques For Newbies, a handful of basic positions, a couple of different guard passes.

JM had trouble with the shrimping, which surprised me. At first she wasn’t putting her foot flat on the floor. Then she put it flat but then either her toe or heel came up as soon as she started to move. She wasn’t getting the heel close enough to her butt, either. She did better when I had them shrimp with the other person standing straddling their ribs, so that they were pushing off the partner’s shin with their hands.

They both had to be reminded several times to keep pasting themselves right up against each other, keep the weight on the opponent, and to not give the opponent wiggle room.

Other than that, they didn’t really have any problems with the techniques. I knew they would do great, and they did.

There was a certain amount of horseplay- they were in high spirits and wanted to spar, which I didn’t want to do till we get through the Five Basic Things. So occasionally they would lose focus and start wrasslin’ around with me. I had to slap on a couple of RNC’s. Next time I might make them do extra laps of shrimping if they start horsing around. Rolling Eyes Unfortunately, since I hadn’t planned on the wrasslin’, I hadn’t put my contacts in, and my glasses got bent almost double. cuss

Anyway, it went well, they both did very well, and it was fun- looking forward to next time- altho we need to find another alternative venue.

I’m hoping to get a half hour with JB before kung fu
class on Tues to start catching her up. I know she was HUGELY bummed about not being able to come, as she was really looking forward to it.

I asked JM and ES if they were sore from the conditioning yesterday. They both were. I wasn’t. I had to gloat… not much….. just a little bit. Wink

I am running out of time to continue procrastinating about responding to DD about the Wednesday night advanced class. I was hoping that if I sat on the problem a while, I would find my way to some clarity, but I am still as confused and conflicted as ever. One minute, my logical mind is telling me that I’m a raving lunatic if I fail to jump on this opportunity and milk it for all it’s worth- just to keep my expectations in check. Next minute, I’m thinking I just have to say no thanks, for multiple reasons, it’s just a bad idea. At least at this time. After THAT, I’m thinking I really need to steel myself and ask DD to sit down and discuss some things with me, and then go from there. Then it’s, "It might be wise to get CN’s perspective and counsel on a few of my misgivings,".

ahh ahh ahh

I’m going to have to commit to SOME decision very soon.

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