Conditioning Endurance Grudge Match 2010- results

Working in cold drizzle, again… on cement littered with broken glass.

As promised, I did the "more challenging" version of everything- I did everything SK did. And with fewer breaks. Everybody did three circuits. SK did four. I did five. mosh

It wasn’t even that bad. I won’t say it wasn’t challenging, but not like an EPIC challenge or anything. I’ve been more exhausted and more sore numerous times in BJJ class cardio/conditioning warmups and drill sections. BJJ has UNDENIABLY amped up my conditioning and endurance.

Anyway, the Old Bag wiped the floor (or the cement, as it were) fairly handily with three early-twenties-aged MA-ists and one early-thirties-aged one, and I’m feeling pretty darn good about it. bow down

After conditioning, we went through the White Crane Sequence and the three Tiger sequences, some reps and then some apps with partners.

Tomorrow is the first meeting of the women’s "Chenjitsu" group. I’m really looking forward to it.

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