Now taking wagers……..

…… Conditioning Endurance Grudge Match 2010: cocky youth and strength versus tougher-than-you-think stubborn old bag (that would be SK versus Kitsune)!!! popcorn

Sorry, tickets to this event are already sold out!

SK mentioned that at our Park practice this coming Saturday, I’d be able to point and laugh with the others while CN "tortured" him. I asked for clarification. Apparently, at last Saturday’s practice (which I wasn’t at, since it was my on-work weekend), CN made SK do twice as many reps- or a more challenging version- of all the conditioning exercises. I informed him that I would be much too busy to point and laugh, since I would be doing everything HE was doing. He was like, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……oooooooooooooookaaaaaaaaay….." I’ll show him, by Gods. I will still be going while he is flopping and gasping on the ground like a DYING BEACHED SALMON.

Thursday night kung fu…. after the usual hand strike drills, SK made us do punch drills with pennies clenched beween our palm-heels and first knuckles. (One of his former teachers had made his students do that drill, and if anyone dropped a penny, they all had to do extra reps.)

Then we worked some more on nuances and apps of the Five Animals form, then dissected a couple of sections of Leopard Fist that ES is currently working on and finding challenging.

Individual formwork time. I had a few questions for SK on apps and nuances of Hurricane Hands…. I want to be really, really solid on the apps so that I am not fumbling when I have to teach this form to CC. We jointly came up with a few apps for the long-diagonal-lunge-with-Snake-hands, but we were on a tile floor and really need to play with that section some more on mats or grass so that we can throw each other and knock each other down. Hopefully it will not be too wet at the park and we can do that a little on Saturday. That’s assuming SK is still capable of doing formwork after I annihilate his ass in the Conditioning Endurance Grudge Match. Anyway, I got the next few moves of the form as well, and it includes a really, really lovely swirly Dragony turn.

Hurricane Hands is currently neck-and-neck with Touch Bridge as my favorite non-Tiger Shaolin form.

Finishing with 15 min of sitting meditation.

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