5PoS, TvC…lather, rinse, repeat….

Tuesday night kung fu. Was hoping to see CK there, but she was not feeling well. I’m trying to set up practices and sparring sessions with her for this coming weekend and early next week. Scheduling’s going to be a little challenging. Last time CK came to town, I bailed on most of my BJJ classes for the duration so that I could get training time with her- and Rodrigo actually noticed and asked me where I’d been. Embarassed I don’t want to be MIA to a whole bunch of jiu jitsu classes right after I got this huge promotion- that would look bad.

We got to class kind of early tonight because the carpool was decimated (SK out of town, JM sick as well, so it was just Nemesis and me). I used the time to work on Hurricane Hands, Anonymous Leopard (heh heh), and 5 Points in the Mirror (I went into an adjoining room so that no one could see what I was working on!). I’m getting fairly comfortable with 5 Points in the Mirror… I think after a few more sessions (somewhere that I can actually go through the whole thing, including the rolls and jumps- so somewhere other than in my tiny living room or at work), I will pretty much be able to move it from "in progress" to "maintanence". I have been playing some with 5 Animals in the Mirror, and have that one about 2/3 analyzed. Next mirror project will be Leopard 3.

I also went through Cannon Fist once… man, I worked so hard on Cannon Fist, and now I am so sick of the durn thing that I never want to do it again! (Much less spend six or eight hours straight doing reps while CK nitpicks at it!) But I thought I’d better run through it once in case CK wanted to see it right away. That was one reason to sigh in relief that she didn’t show up tonight… I have a Cannon Fist reprieve! I’m really anxious about messing it up the first time I show it to CK. Really, I *HAVE* worked so hard on it- but that performance anxiety, again.

Since SK was out of town, I was once again tapped to lead forms warmup when class began. Since MM was there, and it was a small class, I had the cheek to speak up this time and point out, "Ya know, there are two students here who outrank me," Nemesis, MM and I are at the same rank, and they joined the class a few weeks (months?) before I did and so have seniority. It still didn’t get me off the hook! Rolling Eyes But later, CN came over to me and said privately, "I asked *you* to do it because you obviously know the material better than anyone here," So that’s a good compliment. I just hate leading, I get such performance anxiety when I have to get up in front of a group.

After going through the regular warmup forms easy-pace and then "combat cadence" (DD loves that term), MM and JaE worked on Bung Bo Kuen while Nemesis, JB and I went through 5 Points and Tiger vs Crane. This took most of the class. Truth be told I would rather have joined the Bung Bo group… I still don’t feel very confident with my Bung Bo Kuen, and JaE and MM look like they have that elusive bouncy energy flow down pretty well (both are favoring Northern Mantis as a primary style, it seems… although it’s much too early for JaE to be deciding)- I would have liked to work with them and try to absorb some of that. But I wasn’t given a choice. We are going to be working with 5 Points and Tiger vs Crane all next semester. I feel pretty good about both of them already. TvC was going to be very low on my list of forms to mirror-image… it’s technically classified as a Tiger form, but it’s almost all Crane material. I would rather be mirror-imaging all my Tiger and Dragon material first. But if we’re dissecting TvC endlessly in class for the next three months, it might be smart to go ahead and tackle the mirror version at the same time. We’ll see.

Next semester is going to be a knee-aching period for me… both 5 Points and TvC are painful on my knees, and after many reps of both tonight, my knees were whimpering. I’ll have to be really consistant about bringing my ice packs next semester and icing my knees before and after class- maybe during the short water breaks too- hopefully I can prevent my form from starting to go south really bad by the last 45 min or so.

I have also been planning to hang some balls from my lving room ceiling on strings- at different heights- to practice jumping stright up and try to increase my max height. This would probably be a good time to start that, as TvC is packed with flying kicks and 5PoS has one as well- which is supposed to be as high and dramatic as possible.

We did a little 3 Step Arrow with applications, and then a new wrist release from Wing Chun.

I asked if anyone remembered the 2 most recent steps that had been tacked onto the end of the Tiger kick drill… we did them once or twice last year and never got back to them… but no one remembered any more details about them than I did, which was not enough detail to perform them. Hopefully DD will cough them up in the next month if he comes to class, or I can get CN or SK to get the steps from DD and transmit them to me. It would be nice if we got some more new pieces of that Tiger kick drill next semester, instead of *just* working on old material.

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