Leopard stuff!

Morning BJJ. Jesse was teaching. he has cut his facial hair so that he looks like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine… I have to cover a smirk every time I look at him. He always puts some yoga into his warmups. You would never look at Wolverine on the street and think he was into yoga. Wink

We didn’t work on a specific technique today, just relay and king-of-the-hill type circuits from different positions and with different restrictions on what you could do. I enjoy circuits, where you get to try your skills against a lot of difefernt people of varying sizes and abilities. Jesse told us to divide into three groups based roughly on "small, medium, large". He paused, looked me up and down, looked at my belt, and said, "We’ll put you in with the mediums." ROFL

I got a turn with Jesse… of course not till I was exhausted and out of breath, and puffing like a steam engine. I wish I’d had a little more gas to that I could have made a better showing. But I think I put up a decent fight.

A little later, I put up an even more decent fight against a brown belt I’d never met before. Rodrigo had made some chuckling remark last week about how during "promotions week" people start coming out of the woodwork and the classes are all full, with folks who haven’t shown their faces in weeks or months. He’s right. The more-crowded mats are a minus, but I like being able to work with new people who don’t know my tricks.

The brown belt guy grabbed my sleeve, and I immediately flicked him off with a circular wrist release. He grabbed my sleeve again, and I immediately removed him with a different wrist release. Then I watched him do that slight pause/reassess/dialing-my-game-up-a-notch thing…. Man, I love watching that. Mr. Green I never get tired of that.

We had a long, fun, competitive roll, and I think I did pretty well. After he subbed me, he told me I have a great guard pass. Smile

Stop at home to shower and blog update, now off to kung fu.


Leopard stuff! CC started teaching me a new Leopard form. I’m so thrilled. It’s way cool so far. thumbsup I just adore Leopard. It just feels so RIGHT, so deja-vu-y, like I already learned this style in a previous life or something. This is definitely the style for me.

CC has some kind of weird twitch about not being willing to tell me the name of the form we’re working on till we’ve gotten all the way through it. So I don’t know the name of the form. It’ll have to be "Anonymous Leopard" for now.

I did tell him that I’m working on Five Points and some other forms off the opposite side. I’m not going to tell anyone else about that project. There are rarely perks to this schism in the organization, but here’s one. No one in DD’s group will hear about my little mission from CC.

Evening BJJ (no-gi)

Yeah, three martial arts classes in one day…. am I one sick puppy or what?

No Cindy tonight- bummer! I so rarely get to make any of Cindy’s classes, and I was looking forward to taking class with her tonight. The high-ranking blue belt who taught did a great job, although he cardio’ed us till I had to take a break. Lots of running. My crappy cardio combined with my breathing issues make it really hard for me to run for a long time.

Then we did a few fun drills, and then learned two different ways to get an opponant out of turtle. Then a couple of escapes from back mount.

Then specific relays, king of the hill type stuff. I went several turns with Alisson, who’s a really skilled blue belt. (In fact I heard one of the brown belts ask on Monday, "When’s Alisson going to get promoted? I’m sick of getting my ass kicked by a blue belt!" ROFL ) I think I made a halfway decent account of myself- all except for when he reversed me about four times in a row with the same technique; involving catching my ankle, pulling me into the Chinese splits and then tipping me over. Every time he did it, I tried a different way to escape, but none of them worked. Sad Brian has gotten me with that one a few times as well. The next time somebody does it to me, I’m going to ask hir to teach me how to defend it. Of course one good place to start is probably to not let him get my ankle.

I was feeling a slight pulled inner thigh muscle when I went into the evening class, and being yanked repeatedly into Chinese splits didn’t help… it’s not that bad, but it’s probably good that I will have the next few days off MA.

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