Two-class Tuesday

Somebody commented,

Have fun with that bullseye on your head Smile

Oh boy, and am I ever feeling that bullseye. In radioactive screaming neon; I’ll bet you can see it from there.

My housemate asked me last night, "So, are you going to try to skulk into your next class with your old rank belt on, like you did the last time you got promoted?" and I said, "NO, I CAN’T, too many people saw me get promoted!"

I’m still trying to process this; it was just such a huge shock… but what I already know it means is that I have to pull it out and work about twenty times harder than I was before. I’m up for the challenge. I want to make BJJ proud.


Morning BJJ class. Pat the Great Panda taught us. We worked on three different- but related- escapes from side control, and then a series of three different- but related- escapes from scarf hold. Then some relay sparring. Then I did some rolling with one of the white belts, and spent my first full class as a blue belt tapping out repeatedly to him. Rolling Eyes It’s okay, he’s bigger, and he’s pretty good- and most of the times he did get me reversed or subbed, he was muscling me a bit. I escaped from a lot of his positions and sub attempts. Several times, he ***SO*** had me…. but I kept fighting, and eventually weaseled out. We did half a dozen really good, long, competitive rolls….. I made him sweat hard for those subs. I did okay against the blue belts in the sparring relays, too. I’m still not trying for very many subs- I’m still mostly focussed on getting and keeping and switching between good positions. But I think I’m getting decent at that- especially since most of my opponent have size and weight on me. With the white belt, I was keeping dominant positions mostly by controlling his hips, keeping a good base, and I let him wear himself out wriggling around… then I would try to slip into a better position.

I never gave up positions and subs easily, but I’m definitely feeling a little added pressure now to struggle even harder. I know that I’m still going to be tapping out right and left to white belts, especially the big ones. I have not really been having a lot of angst thus far over tapping to everyone… I’m just keeping my eyes on my goal of learning steadily…. so I hope I can hang onto a healthy outlook now that I’ll be tapping to everyone while wearing a blue belt. Rolling Eyes

I really hope Ron gets his blue this week too. If I warrent one, he sure does. It would be a really quick promotion- he started a few months after me- but he’s been working his @ss off and he’s good.


Evening Kung fu. First we did all our usual warmup forms slow, then all our forms fast, then 5 Points twice more.

Then we split into three pairs and went all the way through Leopard Fist, taking turns demo’ing an application for each set of techniques.

Then we did some rolls, then a handful of different armlocks to use after a takedown.

Then we did a drill wherein one student stood at the far end of the room, and the rest lined up. You had to roll all the way to the opposite end of the room, then immediately jump up (dizzy) and confront a random attack from the "bad guy" student. Defend, counter, takedown, "finish off". That was fun. I really like these practical exercises where we get to improvise different defenses. Wish I’d had my contacts in, though. I had to take my glasses off and do it half-blind- hate that.

When I was the attacker, I gave them a little resistance to the takedown and made them work for it. I even confounded SK once and he had to back off and start over… he can usually stomp all over everyone without even trying, so I felt it was fine to resist him more. thumbsup

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