Twilight Zone

Woke up to more aches, mostly in the thighs and glutes. I worked on Five Points In the Mirror and Hurricane Hands some more last night… I just couldn’t help myself! I took 2 ibuprofen when I got up this morning… that worked a little better than the aspirin/acetaminophen. Anyway, I knew BJJ wouldn’t ache nearly as much as more Shaolin would…. that’s one of the things I like about training multiple MA’s. When something starts to hurt, you can just switch to something else that uses different muscles in different ways.

Started the day with a little more 5 Points, a little more Hurricane Hands, then a little Five Animals In the Mirror. That was not the next form I had planned to invert…. I dunno, I just felt like playing with that one a little. In fact I pretty much worked on this all day, off and on. I’ve worked my way through the entirety of 5 Points…. it needs about a bajillion more reps, but the analysis part is done. About halfway through the analysis of 5 Animals.

In between reps I watched snatches of CM demo’ing basic Leopard defenses on DVD.

Morning BJJ. Shawn, one of the brown belts, taught the class. He is one of those CARDIO-TILL-YA-PUKE teachers! faint After we were all close to passing out, we drilled shoulder throws till we were ready to DIE! Then with what couple of ounces of gas we had left, we drilled a reverse from guard that looks vaguely similar to something I did a few months ago. As much as I often feel that all this isn’t sinking in, today was one of those days where it was like, "Oh, yeah, that has some familiar bits in it" and I had to obsess a little less than usual
about which grip to use and which foot to post on and all the little details that I tend to mess up.

Parts of the technique involved things that I had found impossible to do in the past. This time I managed them- sort of- well, better than I had before, at least. Shawn offered a couple of work-arounds if we couldn’t make the technique work, and I found another work-around on my own. I’m getting better at coming up with my own work-arounds in Kung Fu when my size prevents me from doing the technique, but I’m not very good at that type of MacGyvering in BJJ yet. It will be nice when that starts kicking in more.

A few rounds of pass-guard/reverse. I was too wiped to do open mat. But I gave myself permission to bail since today is a "BJJ Toofer". Razz



A place where the Earth spins the opposite direction on its axis

The sun rises in the south

And Kitsune gets promoted to blue belt.


Okay, I’ll try to remember what else happened at BJJ evening class tonight, through the haze of shock-

Cardio- this was Enrique’s class, and I was noticing- and enjoying- the fact that each teacher does their cardio warmups differently. When you take classes from different people, you just get a more well-rounded workout. And when you do two classes in one day, you are doing different stuff- which is a good thing. Also, you learn lots of different stretches, different exercises, different little drills… which you can do on your own time or share with your other MA groups.

We drilled a body-drop-esque hip throw… it wasn’t a body drop, but it had a lot of similarities. They often do not give us the names of stuff (or they give them in Japanese or Portugese, which I’m not gonna be able to remember!)

Then an armbar from guard, with two different transitions to a second type of sub that you could switch to if the person tried to escape.

After that was the belt promotions. I was thinking that I *might* get a stripe, but wouldn’t have been surprised to not get one. No big deal either way. They said that they were only going to do belts in front of everyone, and just walk around during sparring to hand out the stripes, because doing all the individual stripe promotions as a group was too time-consuming. I knew that Leah was going to get her blue, because I had heard Pat the Great Panda ask Leah’s mom if she had a camera… then he said to her, "you might want to have a camera ready tonight," So I was *really* excited for Leah to get her blue, and for me to be there to see it and congratulate her. We only have *ONE* other female in this school above white belt- that is Angela (she got her purple a few months ago).

Rodrigo, Enrique and Cindy were all standing up there, and Rodrigo said my name. I just stood there and stared at them, and they just stood there and stared back at me. Everybody started applauding. I bit my tongue just before blurting out, "Are you KIDDING??!?" Thank Gods- that would have been so disrespectful! Embarassed Somehow I got my feet moving. As Rodrigo was tying on the belt, he admonished me in a low voice for having the gi jacket folded wrong- it is supposed to be left lapel over right- how embarrassing! Embarassed

When open mat arrived, Pat started chivvying one of the smaller-sized white belts to roll with me, "Come on, you have to break in her new blue belt!" So I went over to the guy and asked him to roll, but he turned me down. So the Great Panda rolled with me, and the whole time, he was ragging on me about how he had to use more tricks on me now, because I’m a blue belt… and he has to choke me harder now, because I’m a blue belt… and so on. Gahhhh! Razz

Then I rolled one with Leah. I announced, "My Monday night is just not complete without getting triangled by Leah." But you know what, I did not really want to end that night being triangled for the zillionth time by Leah. So I defended against THAT in particular, really hard. As soon as we closed, I was thinking, "Holy crap, you weigh nothing." She probably has twenty lb on me, and is several inches taller- but I only roll with her once every other week at most, and the majority of the classes I go to, I’m working with much heavier men. So I haven’t worked with her in a while, and she seemed ridiculously light tonight. I did well against her tonight- it was a great spar, and she got me in the end with a gi choke (I waited till things started greying out before I tapped). But at least it wasn’t a damn triangle!

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