You know your MA group is hard core when…..

… you find yourselves doing pushups and burpees outside on the muddy cement while a freezing December rain sprinkles down on you.

Saturday Park Fu. MM was there- he is one of our intermediate students, who moved out of state for college last year. He is in town for a month, so that’ll be cool. He’s good to spar with.

SK, JB and I went through Catherine Dao as a team several times. We are having a bit of a challenge with syncronicity, as well as with keeping a flow without having little pauses between each technique- but working on either of those problems makes the other even worse! Another thing we all need to work on is keeping a STEADY flow- without speeding up during the easier bits and slowing down during the more challenging bits. These latter two points are ones that I know CK- with her tai chi + Dragon background- will harp on.

Another little tidbit of Hurricane Hands. The last two or three bits still need many reps to smooth them out (I did a good twenty or so reps of just those portions right before going down to the park) but I must have the basic technique down pretty well, because SK had only a few minor corrections.

The others wanted CN to lead us through some conditioning. So he led us through a series of different exercises. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I kept up on both form and speed better than any of the other students- said smugness compounded by the fact that the other students are all half my age. Mr. Green I often have the sense that the cardio/conditioning warmups I’m doing at the Gracie School aren’t making me any better- I still struggle through them- but they must be doing something if I can out-burpee twenty-two-year-old Kung Fu boys. thumbsup

We all *did* struggle, though…much moaning and whining and flopping…. which makes it obvious that we need to do more of it (the conditioning, I mean- not the moaning and whining and flopping!). We will be incorporating some of that into our Saturday practices from now on.

JB and I were discussing the state of our tai chi material on the way to the car… she’s anxious that CK is going to be on our backs about the zillion little technical errors that are certainly in our Cannon Fist and Catherine Dao forms. I told her that although there are surely plenty of errors that CK will be correcting, JB and I have been working really hard on this material since CK’s last visit- and hopefully that will show. We are at the point now where we are often able to find and correct OUR OWN technical errors- because something just doesn’t feel right, or doesn’t make sense in a practical application aspect. This is a real sign of evolution in the big picture of our MA, in my opinion. It is much more valuable than being able to parrot a bunch of forms by rote.

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