Post-conditioning-day-ache. Not too bad, but bad enough to take an aspirin and send CN an e-mail that said simply:





CC wants to postpone today’s class to Wednesday. I sure wish he would be a little more consistant. But I guess I need to take what I can get and be grateful for it. I will go to the gym today and work on Hurricane Hands and Five Points In the Mirror. But first we’re gonna wait for that aspirin to kick in.

Aspirin never really did kick in, so I took a second-which never did kick in either…. to hell with it. Pain is just weakness leaving the body! Wink

Went to the gym and worked on ONLY Three Step Arrow, Hurricane Hands, and Five Points In the Mirror.

I wonder how many kajillion reps I’m gonna have to do before the two rapid-fire hand strike sequences in Three Step are going to gel. And I hear there are more of them later in the form. Ugh!

Hurricane Hands- coming along nicely, I think…. I hope it’s not too Tigery…. the transition between the low-horse-stance-with-blade-hand-strike-to-the-ground up into the little-wrist-rotation-plus-double-Snake-strikes is still bobbley and non-flowy. When SK does it, he has a bunch of complex Snakey wrist curliques in it. Since I am not a Snake stylist disciple, I need to simplify that a bit (at least for now). I just need to try to make sure the arm movement keeps flowing in a circular fashion so that it doesn’t break/leak the energy.

Five Points In the Mirror- what a fun and challenging project this is! I worked my way through almost half the form today. I could have worked on this all frickin’ night… I got home from the gym and I wanted to work on it some more! But I know that if I try to do too much at once, my brain won’t retain it well enough. I just can’t wait to do this with most of my forms. There are a few that it doesn’t make sense to do. Box Form is section A off one side followed by section B off the other side- so that one is essentially already done. The two "Needle" forms wouldn’t be different enough off the opposite side to be worth it. And Sil Lum Tao is a form full of

technique 1 off the left
technique 1 off the right
technique 2 off the left
technique 2 off the right

…so that would be useless. But all the others would be good to go. This is enough potential
material to keep me busy for a very long time… a very VERY long time if I count all the tai chi forms as well as the Shaolin forms. And it’s material that I can work on at my own pace and without needing anyone’s help (or anyone’s permission).

Between my secret mirror-image forms project and Hurricane Hands, I’m feeling really excited about my training for the first time since CC stopped teaching regular classes. It’s so nice to be this excited about my training again.

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